Tell-Tale Signs Your GFCI Outlet is Bad

You may wonder – what’s the big deal about a bad GFCI outlet? To put things simply, these exist to help protect you from suffering an electrical shock. According to the electrical code, these outlets are located in your home where there’s an increased risk of electrocution. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, outside, and any other location where water is found. read more

Effective Methods for Electrical Cord Organization

This is the digital era. While having access to information is easier than ever before, all this access and connectivity comes with cords – and a lot of them. From computers and televisions to an array of other gadgets, power cords take up space, creating clutter, and other problems. If you are ready for electrical cord organization in your home, use the tips found here. read more

Electrical Must-Haves for Hanging Holiday Lights in Kansas City

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to get in the spirit of the holidays! Hanging lights around the exterior of your home is a beautiful way to display your seasonal cheer, but it can also be a painstakingly frustrating process. This year make Kansas City holiday light installation a breeze with these must-haves for hanging your…