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10 Simple Tips to Save On Energy Costs This Summer


Summer in Kansas City is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, it can also be an energy-expensive time of year.

Customers have been asking, what are some simple things you can do to keep your energy bill down? Fusion Electric is here to answer! Check out these 10 simple steps you can take today to increase your energy savings this summer.

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1. Get out of the house.

There are plenty of things to do out of the house, especially during summer months. Take advantage of these opportunities. Make sure you turn off all your appliances and set your thermostat a few degrees warmer before leaving the house.

2. Use window coverings.

Using either blinds, shades, or curtains on your windows will help keep heat out of your house. This allows you to use less electricity on air conditioning to maintain a comfortable inside temperature.

3. Avoid cooking in the oven.

Using the oven in your house heats up your home. Instead, try cooking on the stove, in a slow cooker, in the microwave, or outside on the grill.

4. Avoid cooking with heat completely.

Sandwiches, salads, raw fruits, etc. are all wonderful summer foods that require no heat source to prepare. Sticking to foods that don’t need  heat source to prepare saves money twice; you aren’t paying for the energy from the heat source, or the energy to cool your home again after the cooking is done!

5. Cool ONLY rooms that are frequently used.

If you have a guest bedroom or another room that is not used on a daily basis, turn the air vents off in that room. There is no use in cooling a room that is not being used.

Helpful Hint: Turn off fans when you aren’t in the room. They cool you, not the house!

6. Cool, quick showers are a summer must.

Long, hot showers have no place in the summer months. Instead, opt for cool quick showers. You will save on the energy used to heat your water, not to mention you’ll feel cool and refreshed without any AC.

7. Line-dry your laundry.

Take advantage of the summer sun and line-dry your laundry instead of heating up your dryer and your home.

8. Handwash your swimwear.

Summertime is often spent in swimwear. Handwashing your swimwear not only saves energy by keeping a load out of the washing machine, but also preserves your swimwear, as the fabrics often don’t do well in the washing machine.

9. Change your bedding.

Get the winter quilt and heavy blankets off of the beds. Lightweight sheets and blankets will allow you to stay under the covers without having to keep the house cooler.

10. Enjoy a vacation.

Summer tends to be the prime time for vacationing. Before you head out the door for your vacation, turn up your thermostat, unplug all appliances (with the exception of the refrigerator and/or freezer), and make sure all the lights and fans are turned off.

Want to save more on energy bills? Contact the experts at Fusion Electric today! And for more helpful tips on how to save money and stay cool this summer, check out our blog.