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3 Electrical Annoyances That Are Actually Your Fault

We all have those annoying electrical problems that seem to happen over and over again. While some issues are unavoidable, others can be alleviated for good if you would just change a few things you do around the house. Yes, some of the electrical problems you are experiencing are actually your own fault, but it’s only because you haven’t been educated about these things. Here are three of the most common electrical annoyances we come across, and how changing your habits can help alleviate them.

Light Fixture BrokenYour Light Fixtures Keep Burning Out

Do you often find that your light bulbs keep burning out, or your light fixtures stop working altogether? Check the label on your fixtures to see what maximum wattage it calls for, then take a look at the wattage of the bulbs you’re using. If your bulbs are a higher wattage than your fixture calls for, the bulbs are generating too much heat, causing them to burn out faster, and possibly cause damage to your light fixture itself.

Another reason could be that you are using LED light bulbs with a traditional dimming system. While LED lights are manufactured to use less energy and last for as long  as 20 years, they are not compatible with traditional dimming systems, and require dimmers made specifically for LED light bulbs.

You’re Constantly Tripping Your CircuitsCircuit Breaker

If you experience tripped circuits and appliances in the same area of your home regularly, you may be overloading your outlets and circuits. Too many appliances and electronics pulling energy from the same source will cause a surge of energy, tripping the circuit. This can be particularly annoying when it happens to your larger electronics like your refrigerator, or your air conditioner in the middle of the summer. Make sure each of your large appliances, like your refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, etc., are hooked up to their own circuit. This will help better distribute the electrical load, and you won’t spoil any more food when your refrigerator trips the circuit.

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Check Your Smoke DetectorYour Smoke Detector NEVER Goes Off

While this may seem like more of a blessing than a nuisance, it’s actually a possibly dangerous scenario. Let’s be honest, we all burn something while cooking on occasion, which would normally be enough to set off your smoke alarm. But if your alarm never sounds, you could have installed it wrong. Make sure you haven’t installed your smoke detector close to your heating and cooling vents. Placing it there could delay its response to smoke in a real life fire, and in those situations, time is everything. If you’re not sure how close is too close when it comes to the placement of your smoke detector, call Fusion Electric to assess the situation and move your alarm if need be.

As a homeowner, you have enough stuff to keep your hands full other than your electrical work. That’s why you have the experts at Fusion Electric to keep you safe and comfortable in your home. Call us at (913) 563-7975 for any of your electrical annoyances.