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3 Electrical Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value during Winter

You are royalty, and your home is your castle. Don’t let your castle depreciate. Maintaining and improving your home’s value is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner. Fusion Electric brings you three ways to update your home and ensure it increases in value.

Heated DrivewayHeated Driveway

Living in the Midwest (especially Kansas City), winters can be long and harsh. One of the most treacherous parts of this season can be your driveway, particularly if your property is on a slant. Not only is snow an issue, but we often have to deal with freezing rain and sleet, which makes any incline or decline dangerous to drive on. Save yourself the hassle and install a heated driveway. This will make sure you never have to worry about getting out of, or into your driveway when you need to again. Not to mention you won’t have to shovel snow either!

Heated GuttersIce Dam Prevention

Another way to make your home safer while also improving its value, is to add heated panels in your gutters. This simple addition can make a world of difference when it snows, thaws, and refreezes throughout the winter. Usually this results in ice dams on your roof and in your gutters that can potentially be dangerous to passersby below, and also to your entire gutter system. Heated gutters will ensure any snow and ice melts efficiently so ice damming is never an issue.

Energy Efficient LightingEnergy Efficiency

Lately there has been a huge push for all things energy efficient. Don’t let your home get left behind. Soon, energy efficiency will be the standard. Simple additions, like LED lighting, ‘vampire’ fighting power strips, in-wall timers for outdoor lights, etc., will help keep your home current, while also saving you money on utility bills at the same time. That makes it double the worth!

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