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3 Festive Ways to Use Your Holiday Lights

This winter season show off your festive side with your holiday lights. Sparkling, twinkling, and shiny lights are a great addition to any holiday display. Fusion Electric brings you three ways to step-up your game this year, and use your holiday lights to their limit.

Make a Magic Tree

Christmas Light Ideas

The holidays are always a magical time, so why not bring a little bit of that magic to your festive decorations. One popular trend in holiday lights right now is to densely decorate one tree in your yard with either all white or all colored lights. It takes a lot of lights, and a lot of power, but you can make it work without the threat of blowing a fuse with electrical help from the experts at Fusion Electric. We suggest using LED holiday lights to help save on the amount of energy you use.

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Spell It Out

Use your holiday lights differently this year. Say how you’re feeling with your lights. Canvas and other craft ideas are a great way to put your holiday lights to use and decorate your home with festive decorations. Use a large canvas piece, and cut tiny holes just big enough to fit a small light from your string of lights in. Use the lights to spell out a holiday saying, or to replicate falling snow. It’s an unexpected, but wonderful sight.

Create Ambient Lighting

Be demure and use holiday lights as actual lighting. Trade out overhead lighting for decorative lanterns or empty wine bottles full of stringed lights. It’s a great way to create a soft, ambient atmosphere. These alternative lighting pieces can be traded out in place of sconce lighting, as a night light, or as added decoration on your fireplace mantel.

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