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3 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Outlet

Summer is the season to spend time outdoors. Whether you’re playing with the kids in the yard or entertaining guests on the patio, make sure you’re equipped for everything you need. Have Fusion Electric install an outdoor outlet so you can do even more outside this summer.

Use Your Power Tools With Ease

outdoor outlet installation

Are you a gardener or yard geek? You’ll be able to do so much more when Fusion Electric installs an outdoor outlet on your Kansas City area home. While a mower runs independently of electricity, many other power tools still require somewhere to plug an outlet in. Unless you have an outdoor outlet or a generator you’re out of luck.

Entertain With Outdoor Music

When you’re entertaining guests outdoors, set the mood with some music. But if your home isn’t equipped with outdoor speakers, your only option is blaring the radio from inside, or running a cord through a window or door, which leaves your home vulnerable to bugs, critters, and lets heat into your air conditioned home. So, don’t waste your money. An outdoor outlet is an easy solution. Plug in your radio or mp3 player where the party is so guests can actually hear the music.

Keep Your Family Safe

Not only do outdoor outlets make it easier to do the activities you want to, but they also keep your family a whole lot safer. Many people use extension cords in place of outdoor outlets, but they can pose serious health hazards. You risk shock and electrocution if the cord gets doused in any type of liquid. All outdoor outlets that Fusion Electric installs are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI. These types of outlets have a safety feature that cuts off the electricity immediately when it senses an imbalance in the flow of electrify that could lead to shock or danger. This means you can enjoy the perks of electrical devices outside without the risk of danger to yourself or your family.

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