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3 Reasons You Need to Switch to Retrofit LED Lights Right Now

LED lights Fusion ElectricMost homeowners probably think about the lighting in their homes very little. But ever-changing technology means better lighting products are available on the market. While most electricians in the Kansas City area would recommend making the switch to newer technology, we also recommend knowing your facts and making sure you install them properly.

Incandescent & Fluorescent Lights Are on Their Way Out

We love all the great properties of LED lights, and it’s a good thing because the truth is that incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are going to be extinct soon. The last phase of the gradual discontinuation of these light bulbs started in 2012 when the 100-watt and 75-watt variety were discontinued.

LED Lights Have Options for any Standard Light Fixtures

You can go out and buy new LED lights for almost every light fixture in your home right now! LED lights come in dozens of sizes and options, and can be easily substituted for your old incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. Just make sure you watch out for lights with dimmers. LED lights aren’t compatible with dimmers for other types of bulbs. If you want to make the switch for dimming lights, make sure you consult an electrician to install the correct system in your home.

LED Lights Are Energy Efficient

Not only is it easy to make the switch to LED lights, but you’ll also want to do it because of their energy efficient properties. LED lights are credited for only using a quarter of the electricity required by conventional bulbs, and also have an average lifespan of 22 years. That’s several times longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. While the initial purchase cost of LED bulbs is more expensive than conventional bulbs, it pays off in the long run. You end up saving much more money on energy bills, and if you calculate price versus lifespan, it’s virtually nothing.


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