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3 Savvy Ways to Keep Your Electronics Organized

BreadBoxChargingStation.jpgWe live in a fast-paced world, and thankfully technology helps us get by. But sometimes that technology can cause us more clutter and make us feel less organized. Our team of electricians at Fusion Electric wants to help you take control of your electronics with these three easy, and savvy organizational tips.

Use Bread Tags to Label Cords

This organizational tip is simple, effective, and cheap! Next time you buy a loaf of bread, save the bread tag that keeps the bag closed. They are perfect for labeling all those electrical cords. They all look alike when they’re plugged in, don’t they? Just use a permanent marker to label the bread tag, then pop each one on its corresponding cord. Now you’ll never have to search through a jungle of cords to find the right one to unplug again.

Keep Plugs in Place Even When Unplugged

Sometimes, when you finally find the right cord to unplug, it disappears into the endless abyss of cords behind your furniture, seemingly never to be found again. A great solution is an outlet accessory that holds the plugs in place near the outlet, even when you unplug them. This will also ensure that you don’t mangle the metallic prongs, or make the painful mistake of stepping on them.

Breadbox Charging Station

If you like your Kansas City area home to be clutter free, with electronic cords out of sight, this organizational idea is for you. Most people use their kitchen more than any other room in their home, and charge most of their devices there as well. Use a breadbox to conceal your phones, iPods, and tablets. Just drill a few holes in the back of the box where you can slip in the charging cords, and make sure to set the breadbox up against the outlet you are using for power. Then you can keep the cord mess and electronics hidden while they charge!

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