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3 Times You Will Be Grateful to Have a Backup Generator

Family with no Generator PhotoNo one likes power outages, but as long as they only last a few hours, they are really more of an inconvenience than an actual emergency. But there are times when a power outage can cause a serious situation that could result in damage to your home, or worse, your family. So many things in your home depend on electricity. Your air conditioner and furnace, your refrigerator and freezer, your sump pump, etc. Many of our customers just don’t realize the importance of a whole-house backup generator, so we’re bringing you three scenarios where you’ll be happy you have a backup generator from Fusion Electric:

A Power Outage in the Winter

While power outages in the summertime mean you may suffer sweating in the heat for a night or day, bitter winter temperatures turn an uncomfortable situation into a dangerous one. With no way to heat your home, you may be exposing your family to frostbite and exposure. Or, you may be forced to leave your home for shelter somewhere else.

A Power Outage during a Thunderstorm

Riding out a thunderstorm without electricity isn’t life threatening. But, unfortunately, with thunderstorms comes lots of rain. You may not have thought about this before, but what happens when that rain starts gathering below your foundation and your sump pump is unable to work because it depends on electricity? Depending on how long you are without power, you could easily be looking at a flooded basement or lower level. Not good.

A Power Outage When You’re on Vacation

When a power outage occurs and you’re at home, you can take precautions like packing your refrigerator and freezer items in coolers. But what happens if there is a storm and your home is out of electricity for days? Many a homeowner lamented not having a backup generator when they returned to a stinky home filled with rotting food odors. Not to mention the cleanup. A backup generator will kick on immediately even if you aren’t home to protect your belongings. You also don’t have to worry about pets suffering from too much heat in the summer or cold in the winter.

Call Fusion for Professional Generator Installation

The best way to choose a backup, whole-house generator is to have a professional electrician determine the size of the generator you need. You can call Fusion Electric and we’ll come to your home, measure and help you total up your wattage needs to determine the correct size generator for your home. Call us today at 913-563-7975. Follow this link to get a coupon for 10% off a whole-home backup generator.