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3 Ways to Keep Electronics Safe During the Holidays

May your holiday season be merry and bright! To ensure that it is, Fusion Electric is sharing three ways to keep your electronics safe and your mind sane this holiday season. Follow our tips for a smooth winter.

holiday sting lightsInspect Electrical Holiday Displays Before Using

It’s that time of the year again, full of sparkle and cheer. Before you hang the tinsel and the lights, make sure you do a double take. Christmas lights that you hang outside your home or on your Christmas tree can end up with unscrewed bulbs or frayed wires – neither of which are conducive to a safe holiday display. Always check your holiday lights or displays with lights or electrical components to make sure they are still safe to use in their desired location. This small step can keep your family safe from electrical shocks, and can prevent a fire hazard in your home.

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Electrical SafetyDon’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Between the holiday lights, displays, and new gadgets, it’s easy to put extra stress on your home’s electrical panel without even realizing it. Taxing your electrical demands can cause some real issues though. You can blow a fuse, or even a circuit, cutting off power to part or all of your home. Make sure your home’s electrical panel is up to date and replace it if need be. The average home’s electrical needs have increased dramatically over the past decade or so, so upgrading your electrical panel might be a good move, especially before all those holiday parties.

Also, steer clear of power strip usage this season. They can overload quickly with the high demand of the season, which can lead to a blown fuse, or worse – irreparable damage to expensive electronics. Add more outlets to your home where you know demand will be high if need be – think kitchen, living room, media room, etc..

Holiday HouseTurn Off Holiday Light Displays at Night or When Away

Letting lights burn 24/7 is not a good idea – even if they are newer LED displays. You might be saving money on your energy costs with LED lights, but they can still cause issues if overused, especially outdoors. We all know that electricity and water don’t pair well together. Late fall and winter are typically filled with days and nights of rain or snow showers. Do yourself a favor, turn off or unplug those outdoor lights during the day when they are barely visible anyhow and when there is a heavy downfall. This will keep your lights from malfunctioning and dying on you, and keep your family safe from electrical shock.

It’s also in your best interest to turn indoor light displays off at night and when you are gone during the day. Keeping them on inside all day can increase your risk of a house fire.

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