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4 Important Times You Should Have a Home Electrical Inspection

Have you been wondering whether or not your home’s wiring is safe? If you are purchasing a home, planning a major renovation or just want to make sure everything is working properly, a home electrical inspection can help to put your mind at ease. Some of the reasons you should invest in this inspection can be found here.

If You Plan to Purchase a Century Home

If you are purchasing a century home, then you should have the electrical wiring inspected. In most cases, if the wiring has never been replaced before, it will need to be replaced before you move in. These homes were never wired to handle modern living and all the electronic devices that are used on a daily basis.

If You are Purchasing a Resale Home

This is another situation where an electrical inspection will be invaluable. Even if the home was wired carefully when it was first built, unqualified and unlicensed work can be done as someone who lived there in the past renovated, added equipment or built on. The older that the house is, the more risk of a problem with the electrical wiring and components.

The fact is, electrical systems in any house are extremely complex and homes over 30 years old needs to be inspected carefully by a professional.

Prior to Staring a Big Renovation Project

If you have plans to add to your home’s existing wiring, then you should invest in an electrical inspection at the beginning. This will let you know if the system will be able to support the renovation plans you have made. If not, then the professionals will be able to help you get the electrical upgrades that are necessary to ensure everything remains safe and works properly.

Home Electrical Inspections for Insurance Purposes

In some cases, your insurance provider may request that you have a safety electrical inspection. This often happens if you are switching insurance providers. It may also occur if you have had the same insurer for several years, or if you have recently filed a claim. Some insurance companies also require this inspection when your home reaches a certain age – such as 30 years old.

If you need an electrical inspection for your home – for any reason – you need to hire the professionals. This is not something that homeowners can handle on their own, as electrical wiring and components are extremely complex.