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4 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting to Think About Installing this Year

When you install outdoor safety lighting to your home, you are doing much more than just improving the aesthetic. While it does offer benefits in regard to how your home looks at night, the main reason to install exterior safety lighting is to help protect your home from break-ins. According to the FBI, there is a home broken into every 18 seconds. If you have outdoor safety lights installed, you can help ensure your home doesn’t become part of this statistic.

If you are confused about what type of safety lighting is right for your home, you need to learn about the options that are available. The four most popular types of outdoor safety lighting can be found here.

  1. Motion Sensing Lighting

When installing exterior lighting for your home, motion sensors should be at the top of your list. These types of lights will come on immediately if motion is detected. This can startle any would be intruder and make them rethink their decision to target your house. However, you need to make sure that the motion sensors are installed near your home. This will help you know someone is nearby and allow you to take proper action.

  1. Flood Lighting

Another option that will help deter intruders is flood lighting. These lights make your home extremely visible in the dark. It will also do wonders for a home’s aesthetic because you can install both up and down lighting. With up lighting, you will be providing more dimension to shrubs and trees on your properly, while making your home “glow” at night. Additionally, down lighting will create a similar effect by mounting the flood lights at a high point, and then highlighting the landscape below them.

  1. Driveway and Pathway Lighting

Driveway and pathway lighting are ideal for any home and can help to actively prevent break-ins that may occur through the front door. If you have to evacuate your home at night, this lighting will also prove to be beneficial, as it will ensure you don’t trip and fall. Also, these lights look nice.

  1. Outdoor Hanging Lights

With this type of lighting, you can illuminate the doors at the front of your home. This will let an intruder know that someone is there. Also, it will provide you with light if you are leaving or have to enter the home at night. Regarding home aesthetic, this type of lighting will help to illuminate the home’s architecture and shed new lights on areas of the home and yard that may otherwise be unnoticed.

Keep in mind, you can install one of these safety lighting options, a few or all of them. They each have unique benefits but will all help to make your home more secure. If you need help with the installation, make sure to call a professional.