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5 Reasons to Call Fusion Electric for Your Electrical Needs

A Fusion Electric electricianLicensed & Insured Electricians in the Kansas City Area

Fusion Electric is licensed and insured to work our electrical-magic in the Kansas City metro area. Our company insurance policy safeguards homeowners from being liable if one of our electricians was to get injured on the job. We are also licensed by both the states of Missouri and Kansas, which means we know what we are doing. Our electricians are educated and prepared to perform any service from simple repairs of a ceiling fan to commercial electric jobs.

Personalized Experience with Our Educated Electricians

Every time you call Fusion Electric you will talk directly with a trained and trusted employee. We don’t hire sub-contractors. That means all of our work is thorough, supervised, and held accountable to our high standards. The Fusion Electric team has been working together for years, and all of our electricians have a track record of satisfaction. Learn more about the team in this blog post: Meet the Fusion Electric Team

Trusted Advice About Your Electrical Projects

At Fusion Electric honesty is number one. We will always tell you the truth about the work you’re expecting to be done and what we can really do for you. We want to make sure our ideas align with yours. We will give you realistic timelines for our work and stick to them. Fusion Electric won’t fudge the completion date and linger around your home longer than we’re really welcome.

We Provide Upfront Pricing

Speaking of honesty, we will give you a realistic estimate upfront before you get in too deep. We never want our customers to be surprised by a bill that’s higher than what you expect.

Fusion is Dedicated to Your Continued Satisfaction

And lastly, Fusion Electric has farther-reaching goals than a one-time service. Our company is dedicated to your continued satisfaction. If you find a problem with our initial service, we will gladly return and work on the issue until the problem is resolved. From electrical panel upgrades to wiring your hot tub, we want you to feel secure in the work we do for you. We want you to feel comfortable enough to call us anytime you need electrical assistance.

Next time you experience an electrical problem, keep Fusion in mind! One of our experience technicians is available for you at 913-563-7975.