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Benefits of Installing De-Icing Wires or Heat Trace This Winter

heat-trace-de-icing-wires-fusion-electricIt’s that time of year again! The time when driveways and sidewalks are slick as can be and the snow shovels are coming out of hibernation. Have you considered the damage this same ice might be doing to your gutters and siding? Today, we’re giving you an inside look at why de-icing wires, also known as Heat Trace tape or cables, are a great investment for your gutters and roof this winter.

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What Are De-Icing Wires/Heat Trace Tape?

De-icing wires are simple, relatively low-cost wires you run along metal piping (such as your gutters) in order to keep the pipes warm and to melt away ice and snow.

Why Use De-Icing Wires?

de-icing-wires-heat-trace-tape-cables-fusion-electric-kcDe-icing wires prevent ice buildup from harming your home. They are especially helpful in preventing ice dams, which are walls of solid ice that form in your gutters that clog them completely which can lead to serious issues. Think of your gutters after fall, with all the leaves jammed inside and before you or a professional cleans them out. If ice dams form while they are already clogged, this will cause snow, ice, and water to overflow and back up onto your roof which may lead to leaks from water seeping in through the cracks.

Additionally, if ice freezes between the shingles on your roof or your siding, it can cause serious problems. When water freezes in between your siding and shingles, it expands. When this melting and refreezing occurs repeatedly, it can lead to permanent damage.

How Are De-Icing Wires Installed?

Although the installation may be fairly simple, because it involves an electric cable and potentially hazardous outdoor work, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to help. Give your trusted Kansas City electrician a call and for more information on installation and your home’s specific needs.

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