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Electrical Cord Organization Tips That Actually Work

There is no question that technology is all around. While it brings a wide array of benefits to your life, it can also bring a new, unique mess – the many electrical cords you use for all your devices.

From computers and televisions to phones, gaming systems, and more, power cords take up space and create clutter. Are you ready to eliminate these webs of cords all around your home? If so, find some tips here to help you do this.

DIY Cord Organization

There are several ways you can make sense of your cords at home. In fact, these methods don’t require you to go out and spend any money, but still provide you with a higher level of organization than what you are currently working with.

Some of the top DIY methods for cord organization include:

  • Use a paper towel rack to hang your cords on. This can help you keep the cords off of the floor and allows you to avoid the all-too-common tangled mess.
  • Label your cords using the ties from your bread bags. Using this method also allows you to find a home for all of the bread ties you have lying around.
  • Use a toilet paper holder as a makeshift cord holder. Everyone has these, why not give it new life?

These DIY cord organization methods aren’t the only options you have. There are also specialized products that have been created with the specific purpose of helping you get your cords more organized.

Products to Help with Cord Organization

Are you not really the DIY type? Are the methods above anything but appealing? If so, you can purchase one of the many products available for sale today to help you organize and manage your power cords.

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Place boxes beneath your desk to run your cords through. You can even opt for a box with a pretty or interesting design. This is a practical option and it’s rather trendy.
  • Cinching straps that have been created for electrical cords are another option. With this, your cords will remain rolled up neatly, and out of the way. An added bonus of this product is the ability you have to add labels to the straps, allowing you to sort through the cords with ease.
  • Use power bars that feature more outlets to run more cords. A single power bar with several outlets is much safer and less messy than having several extension cords of various power bars in the same area.

Get Professional Assistance

If you find the tips here helpful, but are still having trouble getting your cords organized, once and for all, then it is time to call in the pros. An electrician can present you with options to ensure your cords are safe and organized. Keep in mind, too many cords can be hazardous, so getting an electrician to take a look at everything is a smart strategy that can help you avoid a disaster.