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Help or Hazard: Are Your Electrical Panels Safe

With the ongoing advancements in technology, houses are being built across the country faster than ever. As time passes, older homes and their components become out of date, and suffer a reduction in efficiency.

While older housing components and systems aren’t always a bad thing, because many were built to last and are still capable of preforming their tasks, others cannot.

There are some older electrical parts that are going to grow more and more dangerous as time passes. This applies to an array of electrical components in your home, including your electrical panel.

What Electrical Panels Are Considered Dangerous?

Through the years, there were certain electrical panels and manufacturers that were considered the main supplier for housing electrical components in the U.S. Some of these companies included Federal Pacific and Zinsco. These are the brands that are particularly problematic, as several studies have proven that one out of every four panels won’t shut off or limit the power when used.

Because of how popular these brands were throughout North America, there was never a recall issued, which is mainly attributed to the issue of practicality. It’s these technical deficiencies in Federal Pacific panels that caused more than 2,800 fires over a year. If your house still has a Federal Pacific panel installed, it’s a good idea to hire a professional electrician to replace it with a safer and newer panel.

Are the Fuse Boxes Dangerous?

While the age of the fuse box may not always be an issue, a fuse box may still present a danger to the home if it is managed improperly. Most fuse box dangers take place when homeowners don’t know the limits of the amps of their fuses.

For example, if a 15-amp fuse is blown and it is replaced by the homeowner with either a 20- or even 30-amp fuse, those fuses are going to begin pushing through more power than what the wires are designed to hold. As this continues, it may create the possibility of an electrical fire in the house.

To help ensure this doesn’t occur, it’s a good idea to look up the specific brand of fuse box and understand the amp limits. Also, always keep a healthy stock of fuses on hand that have the right amperage if an emergency or blackout occurs.

Are You Worried About the Safety of Your Electrical Panel?

If you are concerned about the age or safety of your home’s electrical panel, it’s a good idea to contact a professional electrician who can inspect your electrical system and ensure there are no serious issues. If there is a problem the electrician can recommend the best course of action to restore the safety of your electrical system.

Don’t put off calling for electrical repairs. As time passes, the issue is going to continue to get worse and may cause an injury or accident. Avoid this by handling all problems as they occur.

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