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Kitchen Remodel ElectricianWith more and more people staying in their homes longer, we’ve seen an increase in home remodeling in the Kansas City area. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular rooms to remodel, but many homeowners are adding sun rooms and upgrading master bedrooms as well. Even outdoor kitchens are common remodeling projects that we see requiring professional electrical work. No matter what kind of renovation you are doing to your home, indoor or out, call Fusion Electric for remodeling work.

Electrical Work Is Not Safe for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Our electricians will make sure your wiring is done properly and to code so everything is safe. Electrical work is one area that homeowners shy away from the do-it-yourself thinking and for good reason. It is best left to a professional. Not only will we do it correctly, but with our experience with home remodeling projects, we can offer helpful suggestions to make your electrical system more convenient and functional.

Lighting Tips for Specific Rooms

For instance, when remodeling a bedroom, we can suggest installing can lights above each side of the bed for great reading light. In the living room or great room, we can put outlets in the floor as well as the walls for convenient access to electricity for floor lamps, computers, etc. Kitchen lighting is an area many homeowners struggle with. We know all of the areas you need light in and we can make sure you cover them all – task lighting including pendants and under the counter lighting, ambient lighting like ceiling and wall mounted lights for general, overall illumination, and accent lighting to draw the eye to specific features. When we finish, your new kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.

We Kansas City’s Electrical Remodeling Experts

Call Fusion Electric for an electrical consultation on any home remodeling project. We are the remodeling electrical experts in Kansas City and we’ll bring more than just professionalism to the job. We’ll bring remodeling experience and great ideas! Remember Fusion Electric for your next remodeling project.