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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Spring and summer are the peak remodeling months of the year. If you fall into this group of homeowners who are taking on a new project, make sure not to forget updates to the electrical work in your home. One of the most popular and best investments in remodeling projects is the kitchen. Here are three of the biggest electrical trends we are seeing included in many kitchen remodels this year.

Add More Electrical OutletsPop-Out Outlets

Besides lack of  counter space, one of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners is the lack of electrical outlets they have. It’s a pain to have to unplug all of your devices and find another place for them when you need to use a different appliance. A great addition to any kitchen that easily solves this problem is pop-out outlets. These look like a single outlet from the wall, but when pulled out, there are three to four more outlet spaces. This almost triples the amount of outlets you would normally have in one space. Add several of these throughout your kitchen and you’ll never be lacking for outlet space again.

USB OutletsCharge Smart Phone With USB Outlet

With so many smart devices and other technologies that have become an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s important to have USB charging capabilities throughout your home, especially the kitchen where you usually use your phone or tablet to look up recipes or play music while you cook and entertain. While most devices come with a plug-in that converts a USB cord into a charger for an electrical outlet, those little blocks can be easily misplaced or lost. How many USB cords can you usually find around the house without the corresponding block? You’ll never have to worry about finding those pesky little blocks again if you install USB outlets in your kitchen. These outlets are great because they don’t take the place of a regular outlet, but just add another permanent component to them. It’s like a two in one.

Ribbon Tape LED Cabinet LightingRibbon Tape LED Lights

Lighting is another thing many people are making updates to in their kitchens. Having a bright kitchen is ideal for cooking and entertaining. No one wants to feel cooped up in a dark kitchen. Besides adding more overhead lighting with chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, another way to add a little more brightness to your kitchen is with ribbon tape LED lights. This is often used just below or above cabinetry throughout the kitchen. It’s easy to install, and doesn’t require any more fixtures or space in your kitchen. The added light also comes in handy shining directly over the countertops when you need to get a close look at what you’re doing.

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