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Never Be Without Power – Install an Emergency Home Backup Generator

Never Be Without Power - Install a Home Backup GeneratorStorms and blackouts caused by overuse during periods of extreme temperatures can cause your home to be without power. Sometimes, it lasts just a few hours, but other times, it can last for days. Be prepared with a home backup generator. Portable generators can help run a few items, but a backup generator acts as an emergency power system that will keep your home running like it should.

Home backup generators use fuel sources other than electricity. They are connected to your electric panel by the transfer switch. This switch tells your generator when the power has gone out and turns the generator on.  One of our Fusion Electric’s professional electricians will wire this switch into the circuits in your breaker box, to ensure that your kitchen, bedrooms, air conditioner and other essential items continue to run when the power from the electric company is not available.

Installing a home backup generator is not a job for the weekend handyman. You need to call one of Fusion Electric’s qualified electricians. A backup generator that is installed improperly can cause fires, damage to the generator, or even death. To have a generator installed in your home, you will need a stable and level area about 15 square feet.

One of the decisions you will have to make is whether or not you want your generator to be able to power your central air conditioner. If you want to be able to run it, you won’t want to skimp on power. Backup generators are rated by kilowatts, which basically measures its strength and endurance. For example, a 4-ton AC will require a 17 kilowatt generator to be able to turn over the motor.

It’s best to talk to a professional electrical company before you purchase an emergency backup generator. Our expert electricians can help you decide which size and kind makes sense for your home. Don’t wait until a blackout happens. Be prepared now by installing a home backup generator today. Call Fusion Electric at (913) 563-7975 and we’ll help you choose one and install it for you too.