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Patio Kitchens: 5 Electrical Items You Didn’t Think of Installing

Fusion Electric Outdoor PatioWhile you’ve probably already thought of where to place your Kansas City outdoor kitchen grill and which type of granite countertops to use, many homeowners overlook their electrical needs. It’s an easy oversight, but from our experience at Fusion Electric, it can end up being a costly one. You’ll later look back and realize all of the things that you missed, and it will either be costly to go back and fix, or it could be too late altogether. Here are five electrical items that you shouldn’t forget about when planning your outdoor patio kitchen addition.

Adequate Task and Ambient Lighting

Don’t forget to add enough lighting to your patio kitchen. It’s likely that you already know the type of overhead lighting you want, don’t forget about task lighting over your grill, and over parts of your countertops for after-dark cooking. And don’t forget about ambient lighting. Things like dimmers for your overhead lights, or even softer sconce lighting.

Heat Lamps

Another common oversight we see are the lack of heat lamps in outdoor patio plans. While these are definitely not necessary, they do make a nice added bonus. Even in the summer months, the temperatures can drastically cool off at night, and why not use your outdoor patio year-round? The addition of heat lamps make your outdoor patio kitchen functional at any time of the year. Grilling for all four seasons! 

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Installing Enough Outlets for All of Your Appliances

Another huge mistake we find in outdoor kitchens is the lack of GFCI protected outlets for all of your appliances. Think about that blender you would like to keep outside for margaritas, or that microwave so you can cook your entire meal in the same place. Those all require added outlets somewhere on your countertops. And it is very important that they are all GFCI protected since they are in an outdoor setting where water can easily disrupt their electric flow and cause harm to a person using them.

Ceiling Fans

Don’t forget to add those ceiling fans! It’s an outdoor kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that smoke and heat will ventilate all on its own. Ceiling fans will help keep your outdoor kitchen well ventilated, as well as keep your hangout area cool. These make a great addition to any covered outdoor living area.

Music System

Lastly, don’t forget about the music! While being outside with family and friends is entertaining enough, being able to listen to all of your favorite jams while you cook and eat together makes the experience more complete. It can help set the mood for whatever occasion you’re all together for. Having a music system installed in your outdoor kitchen patio makes for a much more enjoyable experience than having to blast your iPhone.

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