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What Is a Power Surge & How to Protect Your Home from One

Power Surge ProblemsA power surge happens when when something boosts the electrical charge in the power lines. This then increases the electrical potential energy, which can increase the current flowing into your home to your outlets Lightning is a very familiar cause, but the most common causes of power surges are the operation of high-power electrical devices like elevators, air conditioners, and even hair dryers. 

So how can you protect your home from the nuisance known as power surges? There are two ways we suggest you safeguard your home. The trusted Kansas City electricians at Fusion Electric explain what you can do now.

Install a Whole-House Suppressor

The first way we suggest you protect your home from power surges is by installing a whole-house suppressor. This handy gadget is hard-wired into your service panel and acts as a first line of defense that will be able to stop most power surges from damaging the electronics in your home. Don’t try to do this yourself. It’s a safety hazard. This complicated process should only be attempted by a licensed electrician.  The best kind or suppressor to install is one that has thermal fuses, and lights or alarms that indicate when your home has experienced a power surge.

Use Plug-In Surge Protectors

While whole-house suppressors can keep most power surges at bay, they shouldn’t be your only source of protection. We also suggest that you use some plug-in surge protectors throughout your home as an added safety measure. These will act as an additional  buffer between electrical circuits and your electronics. Look for plug-in surge protectors that meet UL Standard 1449, have a clamping voltage of 400 volts or less (the lower the better), absorb at least 600 joules of energy, and protect incoming hot, neutral, and ground lines. It’s also favorable to buy a plug-in surge protector that stops functioning after it’s been damaged by a surge.

For the most comprehensive protection from power surges for your Kansas City home or business, call the electrical experts at Fusion Electric at 913-563-7975.