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Should You Consider Whole Home Surge Protection?

With whole home surge protection, you can help to save your home’ appliances from the devastating effects of power surges. In fact, according to information from NEMA Surge Protection Institute, approximately 60 to 80 percent of all power surges occur inside of a home and the chances of this happening more than double during a lightning storm.

The fact is, it only requires one lightning strike to fry your home’s wiring and cause a fire. However, contrary to what many believe, power surges don’t only take place during bad weather. They can occur during any time of the year. A power surge will take place if the flow of electricity in the home is interrupted and then it is kick-started again. This is essentially a spike in the electrical current in the home. Even though it will only last for a few seconds, it can cause serious damage to appliances and electrical devices that are plugged in.

With whole house surge protection, you can prevent these issues; however, there are a few things you need to know and consider before investing in this, which are found here.

Your Home’s Electrical Needs

When trying to figure out the right type of whole home surge protection for you, you need to consider your needs. Many additions in your home are electronic, which means you should consider how may things you have plugged in at one time. You need to provide surge protection for everything, from your home theater to your toaster.

Interior Power Surges

Up to 80 percent of all power surges take place in a home due to appliances that aren’t even being used. An example of this is if your HVAC system causes a power surge in the home, even if it is turning off. This is usually because of residual power present in the line that would have gone to the system, but it not having anywhere to go. This means that there is power racing through your home’s wiring and trying to find a way out. This can result in quite a bit of damage if it hits your TV or laptop.

Layer Surge Protection

If you have any type of large appliances in your home, such as home theater systems or computers, then you will need to invest in additional protection because these are going to be more sensitive than other items. A good method to determine if layered surge protection is necessary is to find out what electronics your home owners insurance is not going to cover, and that cost over $200 to replace. A room that will definitely need layered surge protection is the home office, but there are others, as well.

Protect Your Home’s Infrastructure

Whole house surge protection is extremely beneficial. One of the main ways it helps to protect you is by ensuring the home’s wiring and the outlets are secure and safe.

If you are interested in whole house surge protection, it is best to call your electrician. They can help ensure you get the results you want and need.