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7 Super Sneaky Bathroom Outlet Upgrades

When you get ready in the morning, are you tired of the hassle and tangle of your hair blow dryers and electric shavers? These electronics are helpful, but losing the counter space to them is not. The team at Fusion Electric has put together a bathroom outlet collection that will give you the space and freedom to prep for the day without the headache. Read on to discover these clever and creative places to put bathroom outlets.

Outlets In the Drawer

Outlets In The Drawer

Yep! You can put your outlets in your drawer. Move an existing outlet to a drawer, or simply add another outlet to the drawer. Whether you put it in the back or nestle it in a corner, It’s an open and shut case for more outlets!

Pop Out Outlets

Pop Out Outlets

Not only do these outlets look sleeker, they are safer for children because the outlet doesn’t exist until you make it pop out of the wall with a quick push. These pop out outlets are so cool looking they almost qualify as pop art!





Electrical Outlets Under CounterElectrical Outlets Under the Counter

Outlets don’t have to be on a wall anymore. Tuck some under the counter for extra easy access.

Medicine Cabinet OutletsMedicine Cabinet

Is your electric toothbrush always sitting out on the counter because you have to leave it plugged in? Tuck it into the medicine cabinet with this handy, hidden outlet. Keep your bathroom tidy and keep your toothbrush handy too!



Hidden Outlet Inside the Cabinet

Hidden Outlets Inside Cabinets

How low can you go? Outlets don’t have to be high on the wall. There are no rules as to where they belong. An electrician can add outlets wherever you want them. Placing them inside the cabinet keeps your walls free from disruption and that’s where you keep your electrical appliances like hair dryers and razors anyway.



Outlet Recessed In FloorOutlet Recessed in the Floor

Have a problem finding an outlet for that new stand-alone towel warmer? Want it right next to the shower, but there’s no outlet nearby? Never fear. Just put one in the floor. Yes, floor outlets work in bathrooms too! We know…you’re floored by this news.  😉



Swivel Floor Outlet

Swivel Floor Outlet

Not only can you install an outlet in the floor, you can add multiple outlets that pop up when you need them and lie flat when you don’t so they won’t obstruct foot traffic.

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Bonus Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Night Light CoversNight Light Covers

Need a little light at night for those midnight bathroom visits? These safety lights can be quickly installed on any standard outlet without any extra wiring, and switch on and off automatically. Plus, it doesn’t plug into the outlet so it is free for other plugs.


USB Outlets

USB Outlets

Do you charge your phone overnight in your bathroom? This is outlet is perfect for you. No need for the adapter cube, just plug your phone into the USB outlet located on the cover! Yes, even outlets are changing with the times!


Toilet LightsToilet Light

No more stumbling around in the dark. The GlowBowl is motion activated, so it turns on when you enter the room and off when you leave. It is light sensitive, so it only activates at night so the battery lasts longer.

If you need help installing any outlets in your home, just give us a call at (913) 563-7975 or contact us online and we’ll be glad to help!

Electrical Home Safety Inspection in Kansas City

6 Clever Outlet Solutions for Eliminating Electrical Cords

The beginning of any remodeling project is full of excitement amidst a whirlwind of planning. Adding new appliances or bath fixtures, flooring and more is sure to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and comfort. Your remodeling project may include plans to upgrade your electrical system, or maybe add a few more outlets to rooms where there just aren’t enough of them.

If so, now would be the perfect time to add a few electrical features that aren’t as obvious as a new floor or new countertop, but will improve the functionality of your space nonetheless. Consider adding some of these clever electrical solutions to your home remodeling plans:

Pop-Up Countertop Outlets

pop-up outlets on tabletop

You’ve likely experienced the frustration of adding a new countertop appliance and realizing the nearest outlet is across the room or out of reach.

While a mess of wires streaming across the counters are pretty unsightly, four or five outlets lining the wall beneath the kitchen cabinets isn’t exactly a desirable look either.

Pop-up countertop outlets can offer a much sleeker look while maximizing your kitchen’s functionality, not to mention they can eliminate the mess of wires at the same time. Another option would be to have an outlet installed on the side of a kitchen island, where it’s both inconspicuous and handy at the same time.

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Outlets In Drawers & Medicine Cabinets

outlets in cabinets and drawers

Installing outlets in kitchen and bathroom drawers or cabinets is another overlooked option.

You can easily stash your hairdryer in the bathroom vanity, and have the outlet right there, out of sight and residing with the appliance that needs it.

In-Floor Outlets

Installing your outlets in the floor offers convenience and efficiency, especially in a living or family room where furniture is often set up for ease of conversation – away from walls and outlets.

in-floor outlets

Being able to plug lamps into the floor directly eliminates the need for extension cords and wires running across the floor or underneath rugs.


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Crown Molding & Baseboards

If you’re home has a lot of electronics that reach across entire rooms, this is a great and inexpensive option.

hollow crown molding for wiring

You can buy crown molding or baseboards at most home improvement stores that are hollow on the inside.

These are perfect for hiding the wires and cords for those electronics . Not only will this help keep your room organized and wire free, this decorative feature can can add extra character and elegance to a room.

Shower Curtain Rod

This is another easy, do-it-yourself project to hide the wires and cords in your home. This tip is especially popular for hiding mounted television cords. All you need is a hollow shower curtain rod. String the cords through and secure the rod vertically to the wall. Painting the rod the same color as the wall will make it almost indistinguishable.

False Paneling

false paneling behind tv

Like crown molding, false paneling is a popular home improvement project, but it’s also a great way to organize your home while also adding more appeal.

When mounting your television on your wall or mantel, make it the focal point with this easy technique.

All you’ll need is hollow paneling so that you can hide the wires inside. Make the design a symmetrical, geometric pattern. This project is beautiful and a useful addition to any room.

If any of these projects seem like too much to take on alone, call the Fusion Electric Team.

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It’s easy to overlook these sorts of conveniences when planning a remodel. But sometimes small, seemingly insignificant changes pay big dividends!

Contact us at (913) 563-7975 for more great electrical ideas and solutions!

How to Prep Outdoor Electrical Outlets for Patio Season

patio-outlet-prep-tipsThere’s nothing like relaxing outside on your very own backyard patio. When preparing for spring and summer, there are a few electrical safety tips that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to your home’s outdoor electrical outlets. Fusion Electric put together our top tips for homeowners below.

Outdoor Outlet Cover

Every outdoor outlet needs an outlet cover. Why? Elements ranging from rain to wind, morning dew or even dirt, can cause all sorts of problems if they make their way into the electrical outlet. An outlet cover also acts as a safety feature with regards to moisture.

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Adding Outlets Instead of Extension Cords

Did you know that extension cords were created as a temporary solution? Their purpose is not to connect your fountain bubbler to the outdoor outlet connected to your home season after season. In fact, it is extremely hazardous to use them as such. The pros at Fusion Electric recommend never using an extension cord as a replacement for an outdoor outlet. Instead, call your electrician to help spruce up your outdoors with a few new outlets.

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GFCI-Protected Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets were created to prevent electrical shock in wet locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. Not only do we recommend that your home’s outdoor outlets are GFCI protected as a safety precaution, it is required by code. While the covers we mentioned before can certainly help prevent moisture from getting into your outdoor outlets, you can never be too careful when it comes to the electricity around your home!

Whether you’re looking to install brand new power outlets outside of your home or you need some assistance with maintaining your existing outlets, Fusion Electric is ready to help you out, every step of the way. Give us a call at 913-563-7975 or contact us online to set up an appointment with an electrician!

Crafting the Perfect Garage “Man Cave” – The Electrical Logistics

man-caveMan caves, the place that is marked for handy work, sports games, and, most likely, a few cold ones. So how can you take your typical garage of a man cave and turn it into something a little bit more? The Fusion Electric team put together the logistical components that you will want to include.

A Work Bench Must – Outlets

Whether you need these for plugging in tools or a television, the garage man cave is never fully equipped without enough outlets. More specifically, you will want outlets that are found at bench height. We recommend placing outlets about 52” off of the floor. Remember, if you do not know what you’re doing, it is important to call an electrician when adding a new outlet.

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The Necessity: A Garage Heater

garage-space-heaterThe best man caves can be used year round, and more importantly, they are comfortable year round. When planning your garage man cave, be sure to include space for a garage heater. Places like Lowes and Home Depot sell all kinds of heaters specifically designed for garages. From heaters that hang on the ceiling to portable heaters, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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Let There Be Light

If you’re a handyman, you will find garage lighting to be very valuable. Why? Because it allows you to work day or night. Take this into consideration when you are laying out the perfect man cave. From long shop lights that hang over work benches to stand up work lights that are portable, there is something for everyone!

Looking for help turning your standard garage into the man cave that you want it to be? Give the Fusion Electric team a call today at 913-563-7975.