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The Electrical Necessities of an In-Home Theatre

theatre-in-homeIn-home theatres are becoming more and more popular in Kansas City homes. At Fusion Electric, we help with the electrical components for all types of theatres. Some are built with movie theatre style seating, others have a popcorn machine, and there are some that just have a really impressive speaker system. Regardless of what equipment you have to enhance the theatre, there are a few electrical components that are a must.

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The Electrical Must Haves

  • Surround Sound: Most home movie theatres use a 7.1 surround sound system. This is a common system because it uses a subwoofer and has seven channel speakers. Typically, there is a center speaker that is either above or below the screen. There are two speakers on either side of the screen, typically positioned at ear height. The fourth and fifth speakers are usually found on the side walls in line with the seating. Lastly, the sixth and seventh speakers are found on the back wall or at the end of the viewing area.
  • Video Projector: If you are looking for a in-home theatre that gives an authentic experience, you will want to use a video projector. The best part about a projector is that it requires minimal electrical wiring once it is hung. You will need a CAT5 control wire so that a radio frequency remote can operate the projector. You will also need to use an HDMI cable so that high-definition can be accessed.
  • Video & Sound Systems: The headquarters of your theatre is where you house the video and sound systems, and your receiver. The receiver will connect to the projector and speakers. Other components you will want to include that connect to a receiver are a blu-ray player, cable feed or satellite feed, and a game console.
  • Lighting: A movie theatre is only complete with the right lighting. Some in-home theatres use recessed lighting on the side walls or in the ceiling. Others use lighting with dimmers. If you really want to up your in-home theatre game, use a light dimmer that is controlled by a radio frequency remote.

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There you have it, the electrical necessities of an in-home movie theatre. If you need help with electrical items, give the Fusion Electric team a call today, at (913) 563-7975.