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What to Know About Cleaning Dirty Electrical Outlet Covers and Light Switches

When you are cleaning your home, how often do you think about your light switch and outlet covers. If you are like most people, not very often. After all, this isn’t the first thing you think about maintaining.

However, it is a good idea to clean this part of your home from time to time. Find out why here.

Your Light Switch Covers

Do you know why you should clean your light switch covers? There are several reasons. One of the most pressing reasons to clean them is because the light switch is a germ haven. After all, this is a switch that is flipped off and on throughout the night and day by several people. Even if you live by yourself you are still going to track in germs from other locations.

How can you clean the covers of your light switches safely? There are a few tips:

  • Don’t ever spray your cleaning products right on the light switch. If the liquid got into the plate, this presents a serious safety risk.
  • Find the electric box and turn off the fuse or the circuit breaker. This will help to prevent the risk of electrocution, among other issues.
  • Make sure the electricity is turned off.
  • Be sure to remove the switch plate from a well using a screwdriver. Be sure to clean it with warm water and soap.
  • Dry the plate completely and then screw it back on the wall. Once done, you can turn your electric box on again.

When cleaning the light switch, using these tips will ensure it is done safely.

Your Outlet Covers

The reasons to cleaning your outlet covers are very similar to why you need to clean your light switch covers. They attract quite a few germs. Also, as time passes, the color of the covers may change, and they can begin to collect dust.

Cleaning them safely is also similar to the light switch covers, and includes the following steps:

  • Turn the power off to prevent any type of safety hazard.
  • Take the plate cover off, and then wipe it down with soap and warm water.
  • Use a dirt and dust removal agent and cotton sab to wipe away all of the dirt that has accumulated on the outlet.
  • If the cover still appears discolored, you can easily purchase a new one at the local home goods store.
  • Return the cover to the wall and turn your power back on.

Keeping the covers on your light switches and outlets clean is going to make your home look and seem cleaner. For many people, this is a huge benefit. If you are worried that there may be other issues with your switches or outlets, then the best thing you can do is reach out to the pros. They can provide an inspection and ensure there are no serious issues present. If there are, they can provide the necessary repairs.