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The Winter Storm Kit: How to Survive a Power Outage

flashlightSo far it’s been a pretty dry winter with very little snow in Kansas City. But winter has barely even started. It’s almost inevitable that we will get at least one major snow storm before spring gets here.  Sometimes that means knocked out power lines and loss of electricity to homes in the area. It’s always best to be prepared for this scenario. Fusion Electric outlines what you need in order to get through a massive winter storm, and how to prepare now while you have the time.

A Flashlight

First thing’s first, have a few flashlights handy. Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, a strong snowstorm can block out the light of the sun, making it difficult to see in your home without electricity. And make sure you have back-up batteries for the lights as well. Candles are another option, but they are more dangerous because of their ability to start a fire, which is the last thing you need during a dangerous snow storm. Stay smart, and stay safe.

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Quick Start Logs

Don’t be left without a heat source when your power goes out. Make sure you have several quick start logs on hand as well as a long lighter near your fireplace. Huddle your loved ones around and get cozy by the fire. If it’s a really bad storm and you’re unsure of when power might return, try and keep the heat concentrated and conserved by closing the door to the room with the fireplace.

Warm Blankets

Other than a fire, another way to stay warm is to have several warm blankets handy. Your home can lose heat quickly when the power goes out. Gather everyone together in the same area and wrap yourselves in warm blankets. You’ll generate more heat that way. You’re like your own heat source.

Lots of Clean Water

Clean water is necessary to have stashed away in case of emergencies. You can’t survive very long without water, as a large percent of our bodies are composed of it. A rule of thumb is to have one gallon per person per day on hand. Your body needs to be hydrated during a stressful time like a power outage.

There is a way to avoid being without power altogether, though. Consider investing in a whole house backup generator installed by Fusion Electric to safeguard your home from this issue. A backup generator can sustain the power in your home when the power lines cut out..

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