How Is Exterior Electrical Wiring Different Than Inside My Home?

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There are a few differences in the way we would approach exterior electrical wiring in contrast with interior work. While electricity functions the same anywhere, we would expect to encounter different safety, quality, and performance issues outside the home with different wire grades.  Fusion Electric can address any problem with our outstanding installation and wiring services for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes.

Differences Between Exterior Electrical Wiring and Interior Wiring

The fundamental difference between exterior and interior wiring is the sheathing or coating over the wire jacket itself. Exterior writing has to withstand the elements, including the harsh UV rays during the summer. Interior wiring, also known as Romex Wiring, is for interior purposes only.

Exterior wiring is stronger because it has to handle unregulated temperatures, moisture, and UV rays. The strongest exterior wiring is rated for direct burial or underground feed (UF cable). Any other wiring would have to go into a conduit before going into the ground.

They make UF cable individually insulated, whereas Romex has only a plastic coating, and therefore cannot handle the elements. It’s a cost-effective choice for interior purposes, but you should not use it for outdoor wiring. You could use UF cables for indoor wiring, but it’s unnecessary and costs a lot more.

Is it Time to Replace Your Exterior Wiring?

Although you’re more likely to have wiring trouble with outdated wiring inside your home, it’s possible to have similar problems on the outside. That’s why you’ll want to watch for the common signs it’s time to replace the wiring in your home.

  • There’s visible damage to some outlets, including scorch marks or a dark black coating on them.
  • Your patio lights or outdoor power tools are more likely to trip the breaker.
  • You smell burnt material or notice smoke from around the outlets.

Never ignore these symptoms of faulty wiring or bad outlets. Contact Fusion Electric to have a look at these problems as soon as possible.

Preparing Your Outdoor Electrical Components for Winter

Since we’re approaching the colder months again, let’s take a moment to recall the best ways to prep outdoor outlets for the winter. There are four simple things you can do to keep exterior equipment running well.

  1. Add Electrical Outlet Covers
    Rain and snow will cause trouble for outlets, which is why you should have covers for them. In fact, outlet covers are great anywhere around the home.
  2. Use GFCIs
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are an important safeguard in areas where electricity meets water. They can minimize shock potential and protect the equipment from damage.
  3. Consider Adding More Outlets
    Power strips are fine, but you can overuse them sometimes. This is a big problem when you have lots of outdoor equipment, which could overload them. Consider putting in a few more outlets to alleviate this issue.
  4. Invest in Light Timers
    This might be a good move for any time of the year, but especially when you have Christmas lights running. Don’t fall victim to even larger energy bills when you can get light timers, so they only operate during the dark.

Fusion Electric Can Handle All Exterior Electrical Wiring Concerns

Our team of electricians has plenty of experience installing and repairing any type of wiring, including Romex and UF cable. You obviously would not want to install these yourself, but we’re happy to help you at a competitive rate.

Fusion Electric receives numerous endorsements for outstanding work from groups like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We have over 300 positive customer reviews, which shows you how we help real homeowners with wiring problems, panel upgrades, and other highly demanded services.

Contact Fusion Electric for reliable exterior electrical wiring for your home or business in Kansas City.

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