Benefits of Having Outdoor Porch Lighting Installed

Installing outdoor porch lighting provides several benefits to homeowners. These benefits include better nighttime visibility, increased safety, increased outdoor appeal, increased home value, and possible homeowner insurance benefits. At Fusion Electric, our expert, professional, and experienced team provides this installation service to our Kansas City area customers. For homeowners who are unsure if installing outdoor porch lighting is the right…

Springtime Electrical Maintenance Checklist for Kansas City Homeowners

As winter ends, it’s crucial to create a springtime electrical maintenance checklist to ensure your home electrical system functions safely and efficiently. When properly installed and maintained, home electrical systems can last over 50 years, and as such, it’s important to follow maintenance guidelines and standards to maximize your system’s service life. read more

Four Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Electrician about Your Electrical System

It's helpful to prepare at least four questions to ask your Kansas City electrician to ensure the best service and mutual understanding if you're scheduling maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your electrical system in your home. At Fusion Electric, we know that understanding your home's electrical systems can be daunting, and we're here to help with expert and professional answers…