What Does it Mean When an Appliance Trips the Breaker?

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Do you have to wait until your sister finished drying her hair before you can make toast? A lot of people make these types of adjustments due to over-straining the circuits. The breaker is in place to do just that- prevent the wires from overheating and causing fires. If the breaker is receiving too much power, it shuts off for safety. If your breaker trips after using an appliance or other household item, keep reading.

Reasons Your Breaker Trips

There are several reasons why an appliance trips the breaker. If it happens constantly, call an electrician to check your electric system.

Old or Damaged

Your appliances may be old or faulty. An older appliance could have a frayed cord, missing parts, internal damage, or just too old to complete the task. There may be a cord that has been damaged by mice or water damage, as well.

Overloading the appliances can cause them to trip a breaker, as well. Too many clothes in the washing machine can cause it to overheat and shut down the breaker.

Older appliances in a new home may use too much energy to work properly. Likewise, an older home with an outdated electrical system may not be able to handle as much as when it was first installed.

Overloaded Circuit

Sometimes the appliances are fine but the circuit can’t handle the energy the appliance is using due to other appliances connected to the same circuit. You can try using the appliance somewhere else if it is possible.

Otherwise, it could be an indication you need to create a new circuit to be able to handle all the appliances you need in that area. Kitchens tend to have all major appliances connected to the same circuit. That is usually okay until you introduce another one.


Appliances that get overheated can also cause the breaker to trip. Prolonged use, overloaded, or poor ventilation may cause appliances to overheat. Also blocked vents or filters can also cause an appliance to get too hot.

Once the appliance gets too hot, the break will stop supplying power to it to prevent damage or fire.

What Do I Do to Fix it?

If your breaker trips all the time when you use an appliance, you need to call an electrician. They can perform a safety inspection on not only your home but the appliances, as well. They are experienced and know what to look for.

Get repairs, replacements, or upgrades. Many older homes just don’t have the circuit systems to deal with the need for power we have now. Even 50 years ago, we were not plugging in and asking so much from our electricity.

Perhaps you just need a few new outlets that will separate and distribute the electricity away from the same circuit. That will take the pressure off of the one always being used.

You may need to have some repairs done, there may be faulty wiring or just outdated. An electrical upgrade can make a big difference in how your appliances will function. If your home is very old, the wire may also be. You may want to consider having the whole house rewired. This will help your appliances run better but likely save you money on your energy bill.

You can also consider getting energy-efficient appliances. These will use less power and still function the way they should. They are much easier on your energy bill, as well. Smart appliances are programmable to work for you the way you want.

If you are having issues with your breaker tripping and need an electrician to help, contact Fusion Electric today!

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