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What to Expect When Upgrading the Wiring in an Older House

You may wonder if you can afford to put off upgrading the wiring in an older house. While delaying this may seem like a smart option, it’s usually not a good idea.

What Should You Do if Your Electrical Outlets Get Wet?

A wet electrical outlet presents a serious risk in your home. If you take immediate steps, you can reduce these risks and have time to replace or to repair the outlet that’s been affected. Keep reading to learn the right way to manage a wet outlet in your home.

The Three Prong Adapter: Are They Safe?

The three- or two-prong adapter, which is also called a cheater plug, allows you to connect a three-pronged plug to a non-grounded receptacle that only has two slots. These are mainly used for plugging in electronics and appliances to the older two-prong receptacles.

Why are Smoke Alarms so Important?

The main purpose of a smoke alarm is to let you know if there’s smoke or a fire. It is, arguably the most important safety fixture in your home. While this is true, the National Fire Protection Association – NFPA – has found that at least five million homes throughout the U.S. still haven’t installed … Continue reading Why are Smoke Alarms so Important?

It’s a Good Idea to Install an Emergency Power System for Your Business Building

If you own a business or another commercial building, you likely already understand that it’s vulnerable to all types of power outages and volatile weather. If weather gets so bad that a power outage occurs, it can mean issues for your business which is why it’s important to install an emergency power system for your … Continue reading It’s a Good Idea to Install an Emergency Power System for Your Business Building

The Risks Associated with Outdated Wiring

If you have a home that is 30 years old – or more – chances are you have outdated wiring and it’s not designed to operate safely with your modern lifestyle.

Backyard Electrical Wiring in Kansas City: DIY or Professional Needed?

Thanks to advances in the technology of low-voltage lighting, Kansas City homeowners now have the ability to make exciting changes to their outdoor areas. While there are several DIY outdoor lighting options available, it’s also important to know when you will need the help of a professional electrician for your backyard electrical wiring projects.

Is Your Home’s Electrical Panel Overworking?

Are you having to go to the circuit breaker so often that you are frustrated and annoyed, there’s a good chance that your electrical panel is working overtime. An outdated and overworked electrical panel is a hassle that no homeowner should have to deal with.

Electrical Outlet Options: There are More Than You May Think

You have likely heard about modern outlet options, such as smart outlets, but there are many different outlet options you can choose for your home. Each outlet is designed with certain applications in mind. This is why it’s a good idea to get to know the options that are available.

Compelling Reasons to Add Ceiling Fans Throughout Your Home

There are more than a few benefits offered by adding ceiling fans through your home that go beyond the benefit offered by a cool breeze. It doesn’t matter if it is adding a new décor element, or to slash your power bill, ceiling fans have many benefits that you may have been unaware of.