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5 Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator

Living in Kansas City means you have to deal with the occasional thunderstorm and blizzard that causes a power outage. When this happens, it can make life a bit miserable.

Electrical Safety Tips for New Parents

When you are a new parent, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with babies and young toddlers who seem to be attracted to the most dangerous objects – such as fire and hanging electric wires. Unfortunately, according to information from the CDC, accidents are the top cause of death among children. In fact, … Continue reading Electrical Safety Tips for New Parents

3 Ways You Can Prepare for a Whole-House Rewire

If you have discovered your home needs to be rewired, there’s no question it can lead to quite a bit of stress. It’s often a chaotic process, and just seeing your home in such disarray can be overwhelming.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

No longer are traditional, simple electrical outlets found in modern homes. Today, thanks to new, innovative technologies, there has been a move to an array of electrical outlet upgrades. These upgrades help to balance the addition of new items in your home, while increasing your safety from potential, electrical system hazards.

How Often Should You Invest in an Electrical System Inspection?

An electrical inspection is something you should have done on a regular basis. To begin with, the inspection will help ensure the property’s wiring is in good shape. Additionally, an inspection can help to prevent serious electrical issues that may eventually turn out to be deadly.

What Should You Do if Your Home is Struck by Lightning?

Is your home prepared for a lightning strike? The fact is, heavy storms and lightning can cause serious damage all year long. A as result, you need to ensure your home doesn’t fall victim to the damages lightning is known for.

How to Tell When Your Home’s Breaker Box is Full

If you have plans to install a hot tub or if you are building a pool, you need to determine if your home’s existing breaker box will be able to handle the additional load. If you notice that your appliances aren’t able to operate at their full capacity, it may be an indication it’s time … Continue reading How to Tell When Your Home’s Breaker Box is Full

Dangerous Electrical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Have you ever walked into your house, flipped a switch and then noticed that your lights flicker when they try to come home? Or have you turned on one of your appliances in one room and then your lamp in a neighboring room flicker? While you may write this off as being something that “just … Continue reading Dangerous Electrical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Helpful Safety Tips for Your Home’s Electrical Appliances

It’s virtually impossible to imagine your life without electricity. In fact, the majority of the appliances you use on a daily basis have to have electricity to function. When running these appliances, electrical safety is a huge concern. The fact is, quite a bit can go wrong anytime you are using electricity – including electric … Continue reading Helpful Safety Tips for Your Home’s Electrical Appliances

3 Benefits of Adding Light Dimming Options in Your Home

Today, more and more people are realizing the benefits offered by dimmer switches in their home. These switches operate via a simple, knob installed into the wall. However, thanks to technological advancements, the simple dimmer switches of the past have been replaced by more innovative options called scene dimmers.