Kansas City Indoor Lighting Installation and Repairs

indoor lighting Recessed Lighting Chandeliers Track Lighting Dome Lights Pendant Lighting electrician kansas cityFusion Electric is the electrician to call in Kansas City for indoor lighting. While we all know indoor lighting is essential for everyday life, many homeowners in Kansas City underestimate the value of having the correct lighting in a particular room. At Fusion Electric, we can help you improve your home by adding the perfect lighting in each room.

Fusion Electric Can Install or Replace the Following:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting
  • Dome Lights
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Can Lights
  • Under the Counter Lighting
  • Wall Sconces
  • Pool Table Lighting
  • Bathroom Bar Lighting

Do You Know the Three Layers of Kitchen Lighting?

Kitchen lighting is one of the most essential areas of lighting in a home. Unlike other rooms, your kitchen has a variety of areas that require specific types of lighting. The most effective lighting for the kitchen includes three layers blended together:

  • Task – Under cabinets, over kitchen islands, and pantries
  • Ambient – Ceiling fixtures, pendant lighting, and track lighting
  • Accent – Specific lighting for paintings, artwork, or china cabinets

task accent ambient kitchen lighting pro install repair replace kansas cityIf your kitchen is lit by a single central light, it probably suffers from harshness and glare while the corners of the room are dim and dull. Because so much work is performed in the kitchen every day, task lighting is essential. Ambient lighting softens lines and shadows creating a warm inviting glow in the room.

Accent lighting is the least common layer in the kitchen. But with more people entertaining in their kitchens, it is becoming more popular. Accent lighting focuses light on a specific painting, piece of art, perhaps a decorative backsplash or even a piece of china inside a cabinet with glass doors. Let Fusion Electric help make your kitchen bright and inviting by installing the right lighting.

Tips and Tricks for Lighting Gathering/Living Areas

Gathering rooms like great rooms, living rooms, and family rooms require multiple types of lighting. The main source of light is usually centered in the room. It can be a beautiful chandelier, a ceiling fan with a light. Pendant lighting, track lighting and accent lighting can draw attention to artwork or furniture. Table lamps and floor lamps typically provide reading light and wall sconces or recessed lighting can provide more light at eye level. We can help you decide which lighting is right for your home.

Bedroom Lighting Can Create Ambiance

bedroom lighting install repair kansas city by fusion electricWhen choosing lighting for your bedroom, remember that besides being functional, lighting can also create moods and provide stunning accents. Usually, choosing one primary source of lighting and then choosing smaller fixtures for soft additional lighting creates an ambiance you can control. Each light can be used for a specific task such as reading in bed, or together to set the mood of the room. Dimmer switches on the main source of lighting are a great option in the bedroom where waking up to harsh light can be unpleasant.

Let Fusion Electric Add a Little Light to Your Kansas City Home

The indoor lighting of a home serves many uses in our daily lives. Strategic lighting puts light where you need it, whether children need light for their homework or for surface lighting in the kitchen to prepare the evening meal or even special lighting in a theater room. Light also creates ambiance and comfort for those nights where you just want to snuggle on the couch with a good book. Make your home fit your lifestyle with the right lighting. Fusion Electric is your friendly source for ideas on how to best utilize lighting in your home. Call us today, and we would be glad to take care of your home lighting needs!

Indoor Lighting Repair Kansas City