Touch Plate Repairs and Service in Kansas City

Fusion Electric is one of the only Kansas City electricians registered to repair, service, and install the Touch-Plate home lighting system. Touch-Plate has been providing lighting solutions for over 65 years. They were one of the first companies to design and manufacture low voltage lighting control systems for residential use so homeowners could control their lighting systems. They then expanded their systems into the commercial environment as well. Today, Touch-Plate still designs and manufactures the following:

  • BACnet Wall Switches and Control Stations
  • DMX Calypso NextGen Relay Panels
  • Wall Switches
  • ZoneZ Relay Panels
  • Replacement Covers, Relays and Transformers

Call Fusion to Repair Your Touch-Plate System

Many homes in Kansas City have the Touch-Plate lighting system, and Fusion Electric is trained to handle any repairs to these systems. From relays to transformers to even replacement covers, we have the expertise to handle them all.  We will be able to install new components to keep your Touch-Plate system operational. Give us a call, or fill out the contact form on this page, and we will happy to work with you and your Touch-Plate lighting system.

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