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Keep Your Pets Safe with These Electrical Safety Tips

According to information from the National Pet Owners Survey, approximately 68 percent of all households in the U.S. own pets. This means that 85 million families have a four-legged friend at home.

Tell-Tale Signs Your GFCI Outlet is Bad

You may wonder – what’s the big deal about a bad GFCI outlet? To put things simply, these exist to help protect you from suffering an electrical shock. According to the electrical code, these outlets are located in your home where there’s an increased risk of electrocution. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, outside, and any … Continue reading Tell-Tale Signs Your GFCI Outlet is Bad

Help or Hazard: Are Your Electrical Panels Safe

With the ongoing advancements in technology, houses are being built across the country faster than ever. As time passes, older homes and their components become out of date, and suffer a reduction in efficiency.

Common Causes of Power Surges and How You Can Protect Your Property

Put simply, a power surge occurs when the voltage in an electrical circuit increases to a level higher than what the circuit was designed to handle. This can present a hazardous situation for several reasons.

What to Expect When Upgrading the Wiring in an Older House

You may wonder if you can afford to put off upgrading the wiring in an older house. While delaying this may seem like a smart option, it’s usually not a good idea.

What Should You Do if Your Electrical Outlets Get Wet?

A wet electrical outlet presents a serious risk in your home. If you take immediate steps, you can reduce these risks and have time to replace or to repair the outlet that’s been affected. Keep reading to learn the right way to manage a wet outlet in your home.

The Three Prong Adapter: Are They Safe?

The three- or two-prong adapter, which is also called a cheater plug, allows you to connect a three-pronged plug to a non-grounded receptacle that only has two slots. These are mainly used for plugging in electronics and appliances to the older two-prong receptacles.

The Risks Associated with Outdated Wiring

If you have a home that is 30 years old – or more – chances are you have outdated wiring and it’s not designed to operate safely with your modern lifestyle.

Backyard Electrical Wiring in Kansas City: DIY or Professional Needed?

Thanks to advances in the technology of low-voltage lighting, Kansas City homeowners now have the ability to make exciting changes to their outdoor areas. While there are several DIY outdoor lighting options available, it’s also important to know when you will need the help of a professional electrician for your backyard electrical wiring projects.

Home Electrical Components: How to Keep Things Safe and Sound

Electricity is very powerful. If you are like most people, it’s something you use every day, but may not give it much thought. In fact, it’s so commonplace, you may forget how powerful and potentially dangerous it really is.