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Fun Facts about Electricity That Will Light Up Your World!

fun facts about electricityWe’ve all heard the story about how electricity was discovered by Ben Franklin with a kite and a key. If that alone didn’t spark your interest on this vast subject, maybe these fun facts will. The team at Fusion Electric put together these current tidbits (see what we did there?) and fun facts about electricity to tickle your brain and make you sound smart during random conversations at cocktail parties. Enjoy!

  • Electricity travels very fast: more specifically, at the speed of light, going more than 186,000 miles per second.
  • Electricity can be made from wind, water, sun, and even animal waste. How? Waste is collected and heated, creating methane gas, which is used to power generators and create electricity.
  • The first power plant was owned by Thomas Edison in 1882 and was opened in New York City.
  • Electricity plays an important role in how your heart functions. Muscle cells in the heart become contracted by electricity that runs throughout our body.
  • Though electric cars are becoming more popular, the first car to run solely on electricity was built many years ago in 1891 by inventor William Morrison.
  • A typical microwave uses more energy displaying the time on its clock than it does heating food.
  • Water does not conduct electricity on its own; the impurities found in water are what makes it conduct electricity.
  • Coordinated power shut offs such as Earth Day are thought to actually increase carbon dioxide emissions instead of decrease them as power companies struggle to cope with the fluctuating energy use.
  • A refrigerator uses less energy than a Playstation 3 during game play.
  • Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface every minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands for a whole year.
  • One ceiling fixture can use between $2,000 and $5,000 of electricity over its lifespan.
  • Wind energy has become the top source of electricity in the United States, providing almost 42% of all generating capacities.

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