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Convincing Reasons to Install a Generator

Do you need a generator? With weather extremes always a possibility, and power outages becoming more and more frequent, this is a common question that many homeowners have. Some wonder if this is an unnecessary nicety that isn’t really a real must-have item.

Effective Steps You Can Take to Prevent an Electrical Fire in Your Home

Did you know there are more than 25,000 electrical fires reported each year in the United States? It’s true, and the most common causes of these fires is the mishandling of electrical devices. Any time electricity is involved, safety is paramount. Even a small mistake can leave you with serious property damage – or worse.

Teaching Your Kids to Save Energy Saves You Money

Have you done everything possible to save energy in your house? You have purchased all the latest appliances that are Energy Star rated, added insulation to your walls, and turned the thermostat all the way down to 68? While this is great, it’s not going to result in much of a cost savings if your … Continue reading Teaching Your Kids to Save Energy Saves You Money

Electrical Issues to Know of When Selling or Buying a Home

Have you been putting off upgrading the electrical system in your home because you plan to sell it in the near future? If so, you may be making a huge mistake.

What to Know About Cleaning Dirty Electrical Outlet Covers and Light Switches

When you are cleaning your home, how often do you think about your light switch and outlet covers. If you are like most people, not very often. After all, this isn’t the first thing you think about maintaining.

Stay Safe: Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Electric Blanket

When it gets cold outside, you may be looking for a way to stay cozy and warm inside. While an electric blanket can help to keep you warm at night, it’s important to keep in mind that it runs on electricity. This means that you need to have the attitude of “safety first” when you … Continue reading Stay Safe: Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Electric Blanket

Fuse Blowers: What’s the Biggest Energy User in Your House?

Even if you have made every effort to turn everything off when it isn’t being used, there are some devices that may still drain energy out of your home, along with money from your wallet as soon as you flip the switch. You need to make sure you know of the worst energy culprits in … Continue reading Fuse Blowers: What’s the Biggest Energy User in Your House?

5 Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator

Living in Kansas City means you have to deal with the occasional thunderstorm and blizzard that causes a power outage. When this happens, it can make life a bit miserable.

Electrical Safety Tips for New Parents

When you are a new parent, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with babies and young toddlers who seem to be attracted to the most dangerous objects – such as fire and hanging electric wires. Unfortunately, according to information from the CDC, accidents are the top cause of death among children. In fact, … Continue reading Electrical Safety Tips for New Parents

3 Ways You Can Prepare for a Whole-House Rewire

If you have discovered your home needs to be rewired, there’s no question it can lead to quite a bit of stress. It’s often a chaotic process, and just seeing your home in such disarray can be overwhelming.