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Do You Know How to Read Your Home Electric Meter?

Your home’s electric meter has a series of spinning dials or numbers. You have seen this meter, but if you are like many people, you probably don’t know how to read it.

The job of your meter is to measure the energy you consume in your home and it is read each month by your energy provider to determine the cost of your electricity. Usually, your energy provider is going to round the numbers up when calculating usage.

While this is true, if you know how to read your meter, you can track and record your energy consumption and make sure you aren’t being overcharged.

Electric companies use the information provided on the meter, which is displayed in kilowatt-hours, and then multiply this by the pre-determined rate. The answer to this calculation is what is paid for the month. The way you read the member depends on the type you have.

An Analog Meter

A dial-type or analog meter will feature four to five dials inside a metal or glass round box and the dials are read from left to right. Every dial has numbers ranging from zero to nine. The first dial rotates clockwise, the second counterclockwise, and the pattern continues.

The first dial on the left of the box is “in-between” numbers. You read it by the number it just passed. If the pointer on the next dial is on a number, and the dial to the right has not gone past zero, it’s read as the next lowest number. The value on the third dial and the second from the right is read the same as the first. The one on the far right will be the number the pointer is on.

This is the value you record for future reference. Next time you check your meter, record the new number and subtract it from the original. This is the number of kilowatt hours you have used, which is then multiplied by the rate charged by your energy company.

Digital Meters

A digital electric meter will measure the energy consumed electronically. There’s no need to decode any of the dials. Instead, the meter shows the total kilowatt-hours you have used. You can subtract the new number from what as last recorded and then multiply it by the rate charged by your energy company. Today, there are may digital meters that will transmit the energy usage automatically to the power company.

If you notice a sudden significant change in your electric meter  readings, there is probably a problem somewhere. It’s a good idea to get in touch with an electrician who can inspect the box and evaluate the issue. This will ensure it can be fixed and that the energy bill you receive is accurate. Contact Fusion Electric today for help!