5 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Enjoying Summer Nights

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Having some landscape lighting will spruce up your outdoor living space, turning what was once a humdrum area of your property into a cool and relaxing place where you, your family, and even guests can chill and unwind. And to make sure that the gathering or party does not stop when the sun goes down, having some landscape lighting will come in handy.

After all, the party would be much fun if people kept stumbling over things because of poor lighting. Having landscape lighting available on your property will raise the functionality of your outdoor space, produce an ideal ambiance as well as increase its aesthetic quality.

If you need inspiration for the landscape lighting of your outdoor area, keep on reading below and find some ideas that will make those summer evenings a lot more enjoyable.

1) Patio and Deck Landscape Lighting

Don’t you just love great patio lighting? It just entices you to take a seat and a deep breath and hang loose as you let the day’s stress melt away. Go ahead and imagine it: you’re sitting in one of those comfortable lounge chairs, surrounded by loved ones and close friends, with the landscape lighting setting the mood for an evening filled with great conversations and laughter. If the thought is appealing, you can make it happen by using deck lights and moon lighting as your landscape lighting, which can produce a suitable atmosphere for a summer evening well spent.

2) House and Architectural Landscape Lighting

The summer season is the best time to have friends or colleagues come over and share a meal and a good time. You do, however, want to put your best foot forward and make sure your house is ready to accommodate guests. If you want to bring your house to life—whether your property is near the lake or on the street—you can try having house and architectural landscape lighting to give your house a warm and elegant appearance. Your guests will feel welcome the moment they see your property with all the classy lights on.

3) Garden and Focal Landscape Lighting

You spend so many hours working on your garden, making sure the lawn looks lush and flowers blooming. It would be an absolute shame to only be able to show it off during the daytime. Summer nights are the perfect time to show off your garden in all its glory when the sun goes down. You can do that with garden and focal lighting, which can emphasize the beauty and grandeur of your garden at night.

4) Pool and Water Lighting

If you have a pool or a water fixture, you can light that up to create an awe-inspiring effect. While it’s a little tricky to pull off, the key lies in utilizing fixtures that are well designed and placed. Waterfalls, fountains, and streams will look especially stunning when a subtle light rises from the surface. And so, if you want to give your property—your pool in particular—more life this summer, try putting in some lighting.

5) Tree and Landscape Lighting

Trees can also be great things to light up as well-lit trees produce a sense of depth and add intriguing textures to the evening landscape. Whether it’s a palm tree, a massive oak tree or a slight Japanese maple tree, you can accentuate the distinct features of each tree by using the appropriate lighting.

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