6 Benefits to Making the Switch to LED Lighting

If you have been considering making the switch to LED lighting, good for you. It’s actually a great way to invest in your home with a great return of investment. There are actually plenty of benefits of using LED lights, and in most cases, it is difficult to find any other types of bulbs for your home.  Whether you are…

How Electrical Upgrades Can Improve Home Office Productivity

Did you know that by getting a few easy electrical upgrades you can make your home office function much better? Whether you have always worked from home or it has only been recently, you likely already know where you can make improvements. Regardless of the reason why increasing your productivity and making your office function better don’t take much commitment.…

Safety Tips for Kansas City Commercial Wiring

Looking for help with your Kansas City commercial wiring? Due to the amount of energy a commercial building uses, their needs are different from a residence. These buildings are full of equipment and appliances that rely on regular electricity to function and keep the businesses going. But, if something goes wrong, it can be a huge safety concern. Safety Tips…

Prevent Kansas City House Fires with these Electrical Safety Tips

Simply put: diligently practicing electrical safety tips can prevent many electrical fires. In as much as we love electricity and its many benefits—keeping us warm, making our homes bright at night, letting us use all of our devices and so many more—it isn’t without risks. Being aware of what those risks are and then, consistently practicing these electrical safety tips…

Tips to Prevent Your Pet from Chewing on Electrical Cords

Do you want to prevent your pet from chewing on electrical cords? I do not doubt in my mind that you do. However, it’s a task that easier said than done as chewing comes naturally to dogs as it is one of the ways that man’s best friend can relieve itself of stress, anxiety and even boredom. read more

How to Safely Use Extension Cords Outside

Having the ability to run power outside is crucial but at the same time, you also need to know how to safely use extension cords outside to avoid any catastrophic accidents. An extension cord is an essential tool for any household as you can direct power outdoors so that you can trim the bushes, power a bounce house for a children’s party or provide lighting for an evening shindig. While the use of an extension cord is pretty straightforward, there are precautions that you must observe if you want to safely use extension cords outside. Read on below to find out the most important ones. read more

Breaker Box Safety: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re a homeowner, then you have to familiarize yourself with breaker box safety. This includes being aware of the operation, mechanism and the different features of the breaker box that helps supply power to your residence. Knowing what the breaker box is, its significance and how it works will go a long way towards helping you practice breaker box safety in the hopes of avoiding perilous situations. read more