Safety Tips to Keep in Mind During a Power Outage

While power outages can be frustrating and annoying, they also pose some serious risks. Everyone relies on electricity in some way, from providing power in a residential home to providing the power needed for risky surgeries. If a power outage goes on too long, it could disrupt communications, increase the risk of accidents, cause food to spoil, and even result in stores closing. Some tips to help ensure you are prepared for power outages can be found here. read more

An Electrician’s Guide to Power Outages

Spring showers bring May flowers, and they also bring power outages. Are you and your family prepared if your home experiences a power outage? With the storm season coming up, the team at Fusion Electric wanted to share an electrician’s insider tips for when the power goes out. The Electrical Do’s and Don’ts Avoid opening your freezer and refrigerator doors…