How to Find a Trustworthy Kansas City Electrician

If you own property in the Kansas City area you may be wondering how to find a trustworthy Kansas City electrician. Finding a reputable, thoroughly reviewed electrician is imperative for safe, correct electrical work. At Fusion Electric, we know that always following safe practices and providing excellent, expert, and professional service are cornerstones to operating a reputable electric company. In…

Only Hire a Professional for Your Commercial Electrical Needs. Here’s Why

Many specialty jobs require the touch and expertise of a true professional. Whether the job is big or small, you should only hire a professional electrician for your electrical project. Not only can hiring someone who is not a professional electrician to work on a commercial electrical system cause minor problems like flickering lights, but it can also cause major problems that can scare your customers away. Here’s why you should only hire professional electricians to handle your commercial electrical needs. read more

What Electrical Regulations Should My Kansas City Business Know About?

Businesses have a lot of red tape and paperwork to deal with and it’s no different for businesses based in Kansas City. Although some of the rules and regulations differ from those of other areas, there are still a lot of electrical regulations to navigate. Due to how prolific Kansas City regulations are, businesses have their work cut out for them. read more

Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

A commercial building is a huge investment, there’s always a lot of money tied up in these structures which is why it’s important to take care of them. If you let things slide and skimp on maintenance and repairs, the value of the building will drop precipitously. More concerning yet is the fact that depending on the nature of your business, you could be shut down if sufficiently serious problems go left unchecked. One of the most important aspects of any commercial building is its electrical system. Here’s a breakdown of common electrical problems in commercial buildings and how to address them. read more

Electrical Safety Tips for Commercial Property Owners

Do you own a business? If so, there’s a good chance that you are focused on all the day-to-day tasks that go along with your operation. While this is common, you can’t ignore the electrical safety of your commercial property.

Keep reading to learn what to do and look for to ensure the electrical components in your business remain working properly and effectively. read more