Why the Lights in Your House are Flickering & How to Fix Them

The cold chill of Fall is upon us and the house might be starting to feel a bit spooky with Halloween and everything, especially if your lights are flickering! Flickering lights are a fairly common irritant for many homeowners. Not only are flickering lights unnerving, but they’re also potentially dangerous. Although the flickering of your lights isn’t dangerous in and of itself, it’s a common warning sign that something is seriously wrong with your wiring. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common reasons for flickering lights and how to fix them. read more

What Does it Mean When an Appliance Trips the Breaker?

Do you have to wait until your sister finished drying her hair before you can make toast? A lot of people make these types of adjustments due to over-straining the circuits. The breaker is in place to do just that- prevent the wires from overheating and causing fires. If the breaker is receiving too much power, it shuts off for safety. If your breaker trips after using an appliance or other household item, keep reading. read more

Understanding the Real Cost of Subpar Electrical Work

As with virtually anything you do, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. This is particularly true when it comes to electrical services, repairs, or installations. You can’t hire just anyone you find off the street, and in most situations, DIY isn’t a smart course of action (unless, of course, you are a trained professional). If you opt for subpar electrical work, there’s a good chance you will face serious consequences. read more

Tips for Avoiding an Electrical Overload

The modern home has several power-hungry appliances, including air conditioners, electric heaters, washer/dryers, refrigerators, televisions, and lights – all of which can easily push a circuit past its limit. While this is true, if your electrical system has been installed properly, electrical overload should not cause too much damage. This is because circuit breakers in the main panel will automatically cut the power when an electrical overload occurs. In an older home, fuses will burn out, which protects the system. read more

Space Heater Safety Tips For Your Kansas City Home

Space heaters are a great supplemental form of heat. They're compact, efficient and inexpensive to buy, and they're a great way to keep the thermostat set lower, yet still be comfortable while reading or watching television. That said, if space heaters are used improperly they can present a danger to you, your family and even your pets. The team at…

7 Ways to Put Hundreds Back into Your Budget This Winter

Saving electricity is easier than you think. Simply changing some habits concerning which appliances and products you use and when you use them can get you significant savings on your electric bill. Besides the obvious and easy things like turning off lights when you leave a room, the team at Fusion Electric has compiled several ways for you to save…

Are Electric Space Heaters Dangerous?

Winter is fast approaching and one popular thing we are starting to notice is that many people are purchasing electric space heaters or mini electrical fireplaces in an effort to save energy. Did you know that space heaters pose a serious fire danger? The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission estimates that approximately 25,000 house fires occur every year from space heaters.…


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