Benefits of Having Outdoor Porch Lighting Installed

Installing outdoor porch lighting provides several benefits to homeowners. These benefits include better nighttime visibility, increased safety, increased outdoor appeal, increased home value, and possible homeowner insurance benefits. At Fusion Electric, our expert, professional, and experienced team provides this installation service to our Kansas City area customers. For homeowners who are unsure if installing outdoor porch lighting is the right…

6 Electrical Upgrades to Consider for 2022

There are several electrical upgrades to consider for your home. These upgrades can make your home much safer, and allow you to run newer, smart appliances. It can help you save money on energy costs and keep your home up to recommended standards and guidelines. read more

How to Know It’s Time to Rewire Your Home?

There are actually plenty of signs it’s time to rewire your home. Some of them will be to make your life a bit easier. Some will be to make your home and family much safer. Your wiring and electrical system is a vital part of your home and it needs to be in top working condition. If you have been…

Electrical Upgrades That Will Boost Your Kansas City Home Value

Did you know that electrical upgrades would do wonders in boosting your home’s value? Yes, it definitely would. While your home is definitely your sanctuary, you may harbor plans of selling it in the future and in that situation, you must do everything you can to make sure your property’s value stays up so that you can get a much better return on your investment. read more

Should I Switch to LED Lighting?

The short answer is, Yes. LED lighting is perfect for all homes and businesses. LED lights have been around for a while, now. Many homes and businesses use them exclusively. Different from a regular light bulb, a light emitting diode, or LED light has an electrical current that passes through a microchip. You may even find it difficult to find…