Will Unplugging These Common Household Appliances Reduce Your Electric Bill?

Is your electricity bill outrageously expensive? Stop blaming the kids for not turning off the lights and start blaming some of these common household energy consumers. Bathroom Appliances Get into the habit of unplugging your bathroom appliances after you’ve finished using them. Another thing to look out for is how high your settings are on your  hair dryer, curling iron…

Why Using LED Light Bulbs Is a Bright Idea

Have you noticed your neighbors swapping out conventional incandescent lights with LED lights? You may wonder if this is just a trend or if making the switch is truly saving Kansas City homeowners on their electric bills. In order to help homeowners make an informed decision, Fusion Electric is breaking down this bright idea and all the benefits that come with…

10 Simple Tips to Save On Energy Costs This Summer

Summer in Kansas City is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, it can also be an energy-expensive time of year. Customers have been asking, what are some simple things you can do to keep your energy bill down? Fusion Electric is here to answer! Check out these 10 simple steps you can take today to increase your energy savings this…

Home Car Charging Stations 101

Along with the purchase of an electric vehicle, also known as an EV, comes the need of electric vehicle service equipment, or EVSE. So where do you begin? The electricians at Fusion Electric break down the basics for you. What Is an EVSE? EVSE is an acronym given for the box, cord, and plug that will allow you to charge…

3 Electrical Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value during Winter

You are royalty, and your home is your castle. Don’t let your castle depreciate. Maintaining and improving your home’s value is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner. Fusion Electric brings you three ways to update your home and ensure it increases in value. Heated Driveway Living in the Midwest (especially Kansas City), winters can be long…

3 Ways to Keep Electronics Safe During the Holidays

May your holiday season be merry and bright! To ensure that it is, Fusion Electric is sharing three ways to keep your electronics safe and your mind sane this holiday season. Follow our tips for a smooth winter. Inspect Electrical Holiday Displays Before Using It’s that time of the year again, full of sparkle and cheer. Before you hang the…


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