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3 Electrical Items to Check on for a More Efficient Sump Pump

Sump Pump Electrical TipsSummer is thunderstorm season. While a good thunderstorm can be good for your lawn, it may not be so good for your sump pump. Too much of an influx of water into your sump pump can cause it to malfunction, which can lead to a flooded basement. Here are three electrical situations you should check on this summer to keep your sump pump functioning and your basement dry.

Do Not Have Your Sump Pump GFCI Protected

While most electrical outlets near water in your home need to be GFCI protected for health and safety reasons, your sump pump is one device that needs to be connected to an outlet without GFCI. The reason being is that water can trip the circuit, turning off any device plugged into it. While this is useful for preventing shocks and electrocutions in most cases, it can actually cause your sump pump to stop working when it needs to be working the most! If an influx of water shuts off the power to your sump pump you could end up with a flooded basement.

Make Sure It’s Running on a Dedicated Circuit

Another thing to check on is which outlet your sump pump is plugged into. Your sump pump should be attached to a dedicated circuit outlet. All major appliances should be, especially appliances and devices that use a motor to operate.  Having your sump pump connected to a dedicated circuit can prevent a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, which can also prevent your sump pump from failing you when you need it. Not sure if you have a dedicated circuit in your basement? Call Fusion Electric today to check it out or install one for you. We are your residential electrical repair and installation experts in Kansas City.

Do Not Use an Extension Cord

Also make sure you’re not using an extension cord to keep your sump pump plugged in. This could result in similar issues to those listed above. Extension cords are not permanent solutions. They are only temporary fixes. If you have too many appliances and devices plugged into an extension cord, you’ll end up with a blown fuse.

Safeguard your Kansas City area home from sump pump failure. Call Fusion Electric to perform a safety inspection of your home, or install a non-GFCI, dedicated circuit for your sump pump. Call us today at 913-563-7975.