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Common Winter Electrical Issues to Watch for in Kansas

When you are providing any type of maintenance for your home, a system you want to ensure you don’t neglect is the electrical system. Finding problems before they become serious can help to prevent the need for expensive repairs and dangers. In many cases, electrical problems accompany precipitous and cold conditions, which means that the winter months may see an increase in problems. Some of the most common winter time electrical problems can be found here.

A Breaker that Trips Frequently

Winter can be a demanding time for electrical systems. Heaters, space heaters and other devices used to keep warm can put a huge strain the electrical components in your home. In most cases, a tripped breaker is a simple issue, and can actually be common when it is colder outside.

If you want to avoid the frustration this problem can cause, then you should consider increasing the electrical power to your home’s electrical circuit. This is referred to as “heavy up” which lets you run your appliances, theater systems and more, without issue.

Power Outages

These will usually accompany rain, snow and other storms. The fact is, the winter months can cause disastrous weather conditions. If your home is not properly protected, then it is going to be more vulnerable to weather related power problems during the winter months. As a result, you should check your electrical system – or call a professional to check it – before cold weather arrives. You may also want to install a back-up generator to provide power if an outage is unavoidable.

Outdated or Old Equipment

If you are using outdated equipment it can cause serious issues for your electrical system during the winter. Old electric blankets and dated space heaters are not always compatible with your modern home. If you aren’t careful, using them may result in an electrical fire. It is best to buy a new version of the heat source you would like to avoid electrical issues altogether.

Issues with Static Electricity

Because humidity is so low in the colder weather, static electricity is usually a prevalent problem in the winter. A charge imbalance among dry items, can cause static, and this can actually be hazardous s in some conditions. For example, if a flammable substance or electrical current is close buy, then static electricity may cause a serious shock. A cost effective and simple way for you to prevent issues related to static electricity is by using a humidifier for drier areas of your home.

Space Heaters

These are commonly used in the winter and have resulted in countless house fires. Not only are these devices “energy hungry” they are not very efficient. You need to make sure they are plugged into a dedicated circuit if you are using one and always unplug it when it isn’t being used. When used properly, these space heaters can be beneficial when it comes to keeping warm.

When you know what the most common electrical issues are in the winter months, you can take steps to avoid problems. Also, if you need assistance, then the best thing you can do is call the professionals.