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Effective Methods for Electrical Cord Organization

This is the digital era. While having access to information is easier than ever before, all this access and connectivity comes with cords – and a lot of them. From computers and televisions to an array of other gadgets, power cords take up space, creating clutter, and other problems. If you are ready for electrical cord organization in your home, use the tips found here.

Do-It-Yourself Electrical Cord Organization Options

Finding a DIY option is possible for almost anything today thanks to sites like Pinterest and other craft-based sites. Some of the most popular options for DIY cord organization include:

  • Run cords and wires through toilet paper rolls.
  • Label your cords using the tags from a bread bag.
  • Hang your cords on a paper towel rack, which gets them off the floor and prevents tangles.

These are easy-to-use options that will provide you with fast electrical cord organization solutions. However, if you are searching for something a bit more professional, there are certain products you can purchase.

Products to Help with Cord Organization

If you find that just the thought of a DIY project for cord organization projects overwhelming, you can purchase a product that’s designed specifically for this purpose. Some of these products include:

Power Bars

A power bar has more outlets, which means it can handle more cords. A single power bar with several outlets is going to be more organized and safer than having to use multiple extension cords to provide power to all the devices and appliances in your home.

Cinching Straps

There are straps designed specifically for your electrical cords. With these straps, you can keep your cords rolled up neatly, and out of your way. A bonus of these straps is the ability they provide for you to attach color-coded labels to the cords, so you can quickly find the cord you need.


Thanks to innovative people who were tired of having to deal with a mess of tangled cords, a box may be a smart solution. Today, you can find boxes that sit under your desk that you can run your cords through. You even have the option to use a “pretty” box to make this option both trendy and practical.

Getting Your Cords Organized for Good

No one wants to have to deal with a mess of tangled cords when they need to plug something in. However, not only is this frustrating to deal with, but it can also be a safety hazard. It is impossible to tell what’s plugged in, it may create a fire hazard or the risk of electrical shock.

If you want to have more outlets installed in your home, to help ensure that you don’t have so many cords going to the same outlet, contact the professionals at Fusion Electric. They can evaluate your home and provide you with the best solutions available.

Once you have your cords organized, make a conscious effort to keep them that way. You’ll be glad you did.