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Electrical Must-Haves for Hanging Holiday Lights

Christmas LightsThe holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to get in the spirit of the holidays! Hanging lights around the exterior of your home is a beautiful way to display your seasonal cheer, but it can also be a painstakingly frustrating process. This year make it a breeze with these must-haves for hanging your holiday lights.

Outdoor Outlets

Add outdoor outlets to the exterior of your home for easier and safer holiday lighting displays. Outdoor outlets are specifically designed to withstand the elements, and are typically a GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter. This safeguards you from shock or electrocution by tripping the circuit when it senses an electrical imbalance.

Dedicated Circuits

Sick of using extension cords hanging out a window or cracking through a door? Or what about the electrical demand of your holiday lights overloading your circuit breaker? Stop the madness at the source, and have a dedicated circuit installed specifically for your outdoor holiday (and non-holiday) lighting needs. A dedicated circuit means it’s an outlet that is directly wired to it’s own circuit breaker that’s intended for a single use.

A Switch Specifically for Outdoor lights

Another great idea for holiday lighting displays is installing a light switch that specifically connects to your holiday lighting display. Don’t worry about which other lights you have to use in order to turn on your holiday display. Make your life a whole lot easier by installing a dedicated light switch, and you’ll never have a Clark Griswold moment again! At least when it comes to your holiday lights.

Want more ideas for an impressive holiday lighting display this year? Check out Fusion Electrics 4 Steps to the most Outstanding Holiday Lights on the Block. You can also call Fusion Electric at (913) 563-7975 to help you prepare your home for your holiday lighting needs.