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Yes, We Can Help With That: 6 Odd Jobs Fusion Electric Can Do For You

Tools Electricians UseOver the years the Fusion Electric team has found that many business and homeowners call us unsure of what Kansas City electrician services we do and do not do. While it’s obvious on our website that we do many of the typical electrical jobs, there are some smaller, or less common jobs that aren’t directly listed, but we often get questions about. We wanted to assure our customers that we are always happy to answer your questions, but know your time is precious. Here’s a little cheat-sheet if you will, that explains the numerous odd jobs we can help you with around your Kansas City area home or business.

Does Fusion Electric Do Small Repair and Service Jobs?

Yes! Whether you have a big or small issue, you can feel secure in knowing that our team can take care of it for you. Something small like an outlet not working we can easily fix, or a circuit that keeps tripping. We’ve got you covered.

Can Fusion Electric Add Lighting Fixtures to My Home?

We can do it! We know hanging your own lighting fixtures can seem daunting, especially when they are larger pieces like foyer chandeliers. We can help you install, connect, and secure all sorts and sizes of lighting fixtures inside and outside of your home, from the kitchen to your backyard.

Will Fusion Electric Wall Mount My Devices?

Of course! From stereo systems to large flat screen televisions, we have lots of experience enhancing your entertainment area. We can ensure that your television is mounted in a safe and secure place on your wall, and that your speakers are set in the right places for an optimal sound experience.

Can Fusion Electric Wire a House Remodel or Room Addition?

This is another job we can definitely help you with. Any time you remodel your home or add another room, electrical wiring gets reconfigured. If it’s not set up properly you could end up with dead outlets, and lots of tripped circuits. Not to mention improper planning can leave you with one too few electrical outlets, which is never a good thing with today’s demand for electronic usage.

Can Fusion Electric Help Me Make the Switch to LED?

Yup. We have you covered when it comes to LED lighting. Whether you’re a homeowner and want to switch your internal lighting to LED, or a business owner who wants to make a more economical switch to longer lasting bulbs that eat up less of your energy costs, we can get the job done.

Will Fusion Electric Come to My Business for Small Service & Repair Issues?

Of course! We are a full service Kansas City electrical company, meaning we service residential and commercial customers. And whether you’re having a big issue with your electrical panel or a small problem, like a broken fluorescent light bulb that needs replacing, we can help.

There are even more small and odd jobs that aren’t mentioned here that we can help you with, but if you ever have a question about a service you’re not sure about, just call us at 913-563-7975 .