Can I Install Pool Lighting Myself?

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If you’ve been wondering if you can install pool lighting yourself, the answer is no. Unless you are a licensed electrician, then you should always hire a professional for any type of repairs, installations or inspections.

If you do make a mistake it can not only end up costing you a lot more money to have it done correctly, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself. Here are a few good reasons why you should not attempt to install pool lights yourself.

Hiring An Electrician to Install Pool Lighting

Why risk injury and expense when you can hire a professional to do the job correctly? Here is why.


Water and electricity do not mix. If you are adding the lights to an existing pool, you don’t know if the wires are properly grounded. There may be pockets where water has been allowed to seep in and there could also be faulty or damaged wiring.

A certified electrician will be able to complete a safety inspection before attempting to install lights. They know exactly what to look for and where. They can make any repairs or upgrades you may need before preceding.

There are other things besides the lights to consider. If you don’t ground the wires and do the installation correctly, you risk injury to others, as well. Anything else that runs with the pool, like the pump and heater can become damaged.

The metal components of the pool, like handrails, metal frames or underwater lights, or anything else that comes in contact with the pool and its parts can become conduits for electricity and injury someone.


You might think you are going to save money by installing the lights yourself, but chances are, the opposite will happen. There is a number of things that could go wrong.

Installing them wrong can cause a lot of problems, like:

Just the cost of having to have someone come out and fix your mistakes can double, even triple the overall cost. They have to fix what you did wrong and then install them correctly.

You also may run into problems with your home owner’s insurance if you cause damages, or worse. Your premiums may go up and you may not be covered for DIY mistakes.

There are permits to consider, as well. If you don’t look into getting the permits for doing electrical work, then no one will be able to do a safety inspection first.

Hire A Professional

When it comes to electrical work, why would you even think about attempting to do it yourself? We have all had a small shock from something that was shorted out or had faulty wiring. It hurts. Why risk the injury?

Safety should be the number one reason you hire an electrician. They will be able to assess the project and determine if it will be a straightforward job or if there are repairs or upgrades to be made.

They have years of experience and professional training to deal with anything electric, especially when it also involves water. They know where problems will arise and can find them before they even start.

Call Us First

If you need lights installed or a safety inspection, contact us and we can send a professional electrician out to check everything out. They are trained and experienced to know where problems may lie.

You don’t want your summer ruined because of a silly mistake. The cost of trying to install the pool lights yourself is too high to risk it. Safety for you and your family needs to be your number one concern.

Contact us, we will be happy to install pool lighting for you.

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