Fuse Blowers: What’s the Biggest Energy User in Your House?

Even if you have made every effort to turn everything off when it isn’t being used, there are some devices that may still drain energy out of your home, along with money from your wallet as soon as you flip the switch. You need to make sure you know of the worst energy culprits in your house so that you can think about unplugging if you don’t need them on standby. Keep in mind, this list doesn’t include the most obvious candidates such as your refrigerator or air conditioner. read more

How to Tell When Your Home’s Breaker Box is Full

If you have plans to install a hot tub or if you are building a pool, you need to determine if your home’s existing breaker box will be able to handle the additional load. If you notice that your appliances aren’t able to operate at their full capacity, it may be an indication it’s time to upgrade your fuse box. read more

Reduce Energy Waste by Pulling the Plug on Energy Vampires

You have likely already heard how important it is to unplug your cellphone charge if you aren’t going to be at home or when it isn’t connected to your phone. That’s because the charger will continue draining power. While this is true, in most cases, a cell phone charger is only going to draw a small amount of power alone and as a result, you likely won’t notice any reduction in your power bill if you leave yours unplugged. read more

7 Ways to Put Hundreds Back into Your Budget This Winter

Saving electricity is easier than you think. Simply changing some habits concerning which appliances and products you use and when you use them can get you significant savings on your electric bill. Besides the obvious and easy things like turning off lights when you leave a room, the team at Fusion Electric has compiled several ways for you to save…

Will Unplugging These Common Household Appliances Reduce Your Electric Bill?

Is your electricity bill outrageously expensive? Stop blaming the kids for not turning off the lights and start blaming some of these common household energy consumers. Bathroom Appliances Get into the habit of unplugging your bathroom appliances after you’ve finished using them. Another thing to look out for is how high your settings are on your  hair dryer, curling iron…

Why Using LED Light Bulbs Is a Bright Idea

Have you noticed your neighbors swapping out conventional incandescent lights with LED lights? You may wonder if this is just a trend or if making the switch is truly saving Kansas City homeowners on their electric bills. In order to help homeowners make an informed decision, Fusion Electric is breaking down this bright idea and all the benefits that come with…

5 Warning Signs that Your Home’s Electrical System Is Outdated

Do you ever wonder if your electrical system needs updating? Probably not, but it's summertime and your air conditioner requires a lot of power which puts an extra strain on your electrical system. How do you figure out if you need electrical updates? Here are 5 signs your electrical service is outdated, meaning that you may need an upgrade! 1.…


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